Top 10 Tips for Picking the Best Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance
Best Health Insurance

Health insurance is in the spotlight worldwide, especially in the US, where the debate over Obamacare has taken center stage and caused a full government shutdown. When it comes to choosing the best health insurance, you’ll want to consider several facets of the issue.

Here are ten of the most important tips to help you with your planning.

Best Health Insurance

1. Assess your existing conditions

Whether you’ve seen a doctor or not, but especially if you haven’t, you’re going to want to make a special consideration of any conditions you might have or think you might have.

If you’re developing advanced conditions like spinal decompression or require treatment for scoliosis, for example, you’re going to want to examine each health care policy very closely, to see whether and how that condition will be covered.

2. Consider your available reserves and savings

If you have little to no savings, you’ll probably want to pay a higher monthly premium and get a lower deductible.

3. Check the company’s ratings

Investigate the publicly available insurance ratings to determine the level of service and claims paying you can expect from a particular carrier. Expect a company with low ratings to fight your claims, and expect a company with high ratings to be more ready to pay them.

4. Consider what future health issues you’re prone to face

Given your lifestyle and family medical history, what conditions are you at risk for?

5. Check for portability of your insurance

If you leave your employer, you’ll want to take the policy with you, if possible.

6. Check for odd clauses and exceptions in coverage

7. Ask your friends and family for recommendations

The experiences and research of others might save you a lot of time, and help you discover things you didn’t know.

8. Check for mental health benefits

Mental health issues are more common, but also not covered.

9. Consider getting supplemental disability insurance

If you become extraordinarily sick or disabled, you’re likely to lose most of your income and your ability to earn it in the future. In such an instance, paying premiums would become a scary challenge, at a time when you’ve got enough to worry about. A disability income insurance policy would protect your earnings.

10. Get more info on your conditions

If you’ve got something that has varying levels of treatment (like sciatica), then you’ll want to research treatment options to the greatest extent possible.