Top 10 Things Not to Say to a Woman


A man needs to be unusual about the methods of dealing with a young lady. Furthermore, it is needed to concentrate on what should be said or not said too. Some terms spoken can be difficult for you, following are the 10 elements never to be said to a woman.


10.Never ask her to pay the bill

As far as the rules have trained me, ‘There is one abiding concept when it comes to it-the individual who needs for the satisfaction, will pay for the pleasure’- Mark Burns. So eye-catching females anticipate men to pay for their charges because they are just ‘worth it’. You are not enough of a man if you are unacquainted with the truth that you are the one who has to pay; which is what she has in her thoughts, so if you never want to ‘spoil’ it; just pay it. Never ask the woman to pay the bill lists at no. 10 for things not to say to a woman.

9.Never ask her to keep your secret

Astonishing! She is the one who can propagate your mouth shut word around with the rate of light, particularly when you ask her not to. Even if she informs her females only, the job is done properly by the latter. She is quite excellent at it, better not take a plunge!

8.Never to ask her about her depressing mood

It can be very intense to comprehend a woman’s thoughts. If you concern her purpose of her depressed disposition, you need to create yourself to create a thousand efforts to take it out of her. Once unveiled you are prohibited to encounter her factor of opinions or else the disagreement triggers. Let alone that one purpose for it, plenty and plenty of other traumatizing details is provided too. By the end of it the despair reciprocates in you and you experience like you have taken one terrible of a ride. Never ask her about her depression lists at no. 8 for things not to say to a woman.

7.‘I think you should join a gym’, not a good idea

Normally ladies, in most situations, are never fulfilled with their curves or bodies. Essentially, she herself would want to go to a gym, but if a guy indicates her to do so, a bad choice it is and it usually causes an argument. Telling her to join a gym lists at no. 7 for things not to say to a woman.

6.Praise someone else, it’s your bad day!

If you want to keep her in a laughable mood and in a contented feelings, better not reward another young lady before of her or else get prepared to see the grimace on her experience. Every young lady (mostly) in a way wants her to be the focus for her guy and that she is the best for him. Keep all her advantages in your thoughts so that you prevent appreciating someone else. If you want to, be humorous enough to reward your young lady in a better way right away! Praising someone else lists at no. 6 for things not to say to a woman.

5.I promise: never to be said!

Guarantee her something, if you never keep it; welcome yourself to hell! When you say that, be sure that you will be able to satisfy your terms (mostly you can’t), or improve up your capabilities of never getting caught. A promise is what she would keep in mind for the rest of the relationship , if damaged, you are just not up to it; she would never believe you again and it would be raised as a suggestion in every upcoming quarrel.

4.‘Are you sure that looks good on you?’ better not say that

Usually ladies never like that question being requested. Even if it is consumed in as a joke; she would provide a considertion to it. Mostly she is quite cautious about her wearing and accessories; therefore any gloomy thoughts would end up creating her ‘touchy’ about it. So it’s a no-no. Doubting her for wearing what she likes lists at no. 10 for things not to say to a woman.

3.‘I think I’ve seen you somewhere’: it’s a well-known dialogue to her

Well even if you HAVE seen her somewhere, prevent showing it to her; she will not take it as a fact and would check the ‘he’s trying to be liberal with me’ box in her brain in instantaneously

2.Never tell her you love her unless you actually do

‘I really like you’ are ‘the words’ which every young lady wants to listen to in her lifestyle at least once. Once she does, she pushes up her objectives to greater stages and does not wish to be tossed down the stairway. Generally, she gets serious and desires the rapport to last permanently, so create sure you zip up region area until you are not sure about it. An ‘I really like you’ indicated previously, before either of the sex has effectively prepared the thoughts, could end it all up because as soon as it is said the whole scenario is modified. Telling lies lists at no. 10 for things not to say to a woman.

1.Never ever criticize Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore!

You do it and you start to give her a wrath. A majority part of ladies are mad about these two character types. You do that and you might just be kicked back and forth! Talk about either of them and you will discover them go over pumps. So better not possibility your throat for displaying your not-so-fond-of-them mind-set because they are going to be mad in love with them, no issue how many sensible justifications you put forward: a waste of your energy it will be! Criticizing her favourite male celebrities in front of her lists at no. 1 for things not to say to a woman.