Top 10 Things Brides Need To Know About Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is one of the bride’s greatest challenges. It entails a lot of preparation and effort. If you want to be a stress-free bride, Here are top 10 things that you need to know as early as possible about planning your wedding.

1. It Is Not Easy

Planning a wedding is not a piece a cake. Although it does involve cake, planning your wedding is like a constant barrage of checklists, calling suppliers and arranging and rearranging schedules. It is important to know this because it gives you the preparedness to face the challenge that lies ahead.

2. It’s Not All About You

Your wedding may be the biggest day of your life but the fact is you are not the only one who is going to be in it. Involve your spouse in the planning. Make sure your spouse’s preferences and character is also a part of your wedding. Keep your guest in mind. If they are important enough to be invited, you should make sure they enjoy the event as much as you do.

3. You Need All The Help You Can Get

You have your parents, your doting aunts and your bridesmaids so enlist them in the planning of your wedding. A little help here and there will make a big difference in making you a stress free bride.

Top 10 Things Brides Wedding Planning

4. It’s Not All About Cake Tastings And Dress Fittings

Planning your wedding also involves making lists, keeping receipts, making calls and so much more. Make sure you are ready for the fun and keep your composure on the hard parts.

5. There Are Numerous Shades Of White

When it comes to weddings, white isn’t just white. There is champagne, cosmic latte, eggshell, seashell, anti-flash white and so much more. To plan a perfect wedding means paying close attention to the details. Keep a scrapbook to catalog all the details of your wedding ceremony and reception.

6. There Is More To Wedding Music Than Your Favorite Love Song

Music for wedding is comprised of many parts. You need to pick out a song for the procession, first dance, interlude, recessional and many more. Choose a wedding band with a wide range of repertoire. Your wedding band should be able to communicate with you on all the areas of music that you will need.

7. Don’t Book The First Band/Caterer/Decorator That You Will Meet

There are plenty of options out there. Make a shortlist and keep in contact instead of booking early. This way you will not miss out on the great deals and bargains out there. This will also allow you to get your best option.

8. Something Will Go Wrong

A venue might become unavailable, a dress may not come in your size or your favorite blooms may not be in season. Something will ultimately go wrong. When this happens, breathe and look through your shortlist of vendors. Make a few calls and arrange for an alternate plan.

9. Time Is Your Ally

Planning as early as possible will give you time to look through your options and give room for errors. Allow at least a year or more for planning. When planning a wedding, one commodity you will never have too much of is time.

10. The Internet Is Your Friend

The web has a wealth of information that can be very useful for your wedding planning. Wedding sites and blogs can help you get the best ideas and find the best vendors and suppliers for your wedding.

Planning a wedding will be a great challenge. It will have its victorious ups and its humps but as long as you summon all the help you can get and be prepared for anything that is to come, you’ll get through it and even enjoy it.

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Melissa Page is a regular contributor for Music For Scotland, a music agency that features the best wedding bands Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Ayrshire can offer. She loves weddings, travel, and coffee.