Top 10 Sites to Start a Tourism Business in 2013


Despite the global economic woes, travel is still a massive part of the world’s economy and a potentially fantastic place to invest in a small business. As the global market changes and trends with every year, different travel spots and business fall in and out of favor.

Here’s a list of 10 sites that are up and comers in the global tourism industry in 2013 for eager entrepreneurs looking to start businesses.

10). Oklahoma City, OK, US

Oklahoma was recently rated by Forbes magazine as one of the four most business friendly states in the US. Oklahoma City is a growing town for young professionals with easy access to many of the state’s main attractions. People are drawn to the state for the famous steaks, Native American Heritage and historical sites, Casinos, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial built to honor the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The business friendly nature of the site and easy access to these attractions makes this a worthy consideration for building a shop, bed and breakfast, or restaurant that can tap the growing market.

9). Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Another of Forbes’ four best states for starting a business, this is the site of the massive “Salt Lake Temple” of the Mormon Church as well as several other Mormon sites. The city is basically equivalent to the Vatican, Mecca, or Jerusalem for members of the Mormon Church who want to make the pilgrimage for its historical sites and learn about Brigham Young or the Church’s history.Additionally it’s a location for lovely Garden Tours, Mormon Choir performances, and the Family History Library, a massive and free library with collections from all over the world.

8). San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio is the 2nd largest city in Texas and one of the largest Latino communities in the United States. The city’s “Riverwalk” is an excellent site for tourism as it features much of the city’s culture and primary historical site “the Alamo.”The city’s population is on the upswing and its location in Texas (another of Forbes’ four best states) provides incentives for entrepreneurs to start businesses here.

7). The Spanish Coast, Spain

The property market collapses around the western world struck hard in Spain with many tourist sites and businesses possessing multiple loans on properties that were hit by price deflation and missed speculation. Consequently, the tourism businesses there have taken a hit. However, the Spanish Coast is still a very popular travel location with a demand for hotels, bars, and businesses.There are deals to be had in buying either property or an existing business on the coastline and running a tourism business in this hot spot.

6). San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

This beautiful beach was the location for much of the filming for the popular television show “Lost” and is a popular up and coming travel spot in the Nicaraguan tourism industry.

While Nicaragua has a growing tourism market, they are sorely lacking hotels and businesses to meet the demand. Here’s your opportunity, eager entrepreneur.To help encourage businesses to meet this demand, the government has passed tax exemptions for income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes on construction materials and tools, and offer exoneration of import duties for purchased vehicles.

5). Detroit, Michigan, USA

While the city was devastated by the economic catastrophe of 2008 and decline of the US car industry, it’s still a major location for travel and tourism with many discounted properties.

While the greater Michigan area around the city is immensely popular for its forests, beaches, the Great Lakes, and some agricultural festivals, the city of Detroit has many attractions as well.Detroit has three major sports franchises, art culture, and is the largest metropolitan area in the US with casinos, boasting four major casino resorts.

 The Henry Ford Museum, Detroit Historical Museum, Charles H. Wright museum of African American History, and Arab American national museum round out the diverse offers of Detroit’s tourism business.Given the economic disaster within the city, yet still strong appeals; there are opportunities in 2013 to start up tourism businesses in Detroit with cheap deals on properties.

4). Loreto, Mexico

FONATUR, the Mexican government’s tourism-development agency, has focused on this location as a potential world-class tourist site like Cancun. It’s located 700 miles from the US border in a diverse ecosystem by the Sea of Cortez surrounded by beautiful desert landscapes.As of yet, Loreto has not yet become a major tourism site, so there are opportunities to move in now and beat the competition with an adventure business that offers horseback rides in the desert, deep sea fishing, or other marine and desert guides.

3). Pedasi by the Sea, Panama

Close to the growing city of Chitre, Pedasi is a potentially famous beach side resort town with only a few deep seas fishing businesses, dive and surf shops. Only recently were flights there reinstated so demand for adventure tours and travel businesses are on the up and up.

2). Columbia

For years, the nation of Columbia had terrible publicity because of the drug cartels and violence associated with the nation. However, it’s a growing site for tourism now and the government is eager to help. Starting a business is as simple as going to the Columbian Consulate in your own country and asking for a business visa to go along with your passport.

From there, you can easily repatriate money with the nation’s international banks and get started. There are small towns near big cities that see tourists as well as beautiful Caribbean costs. Because tourism is still a growing business here there’s a big demand gap for English speakers and English websites, opening up a large world of entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry.

1). Panama Pacifico, Panama

Perhaps the most exciting of the numerous opportunities for tourism in Latin America are those presented by Panama Pacifico. Formerly an Air Force base called “Howard”,Pacifico is now one of the world’s biggest mixed-development projects. The lack of taxes on goods transfers and shipping has drawn many big businesses to open franchises here but there is a glut of small businesses and tourist shops that needs to be filled.

The new world still has many untapped resources for entrepreneurs looking to make a move in the tourism world for 2013. Check these ten out for yourself and don’t miss on the opportunities.