Top 10 Richest People in Australia


Top 10 Richest People in Australia

Australia is ranked No. 15 among the world’s richest countries. Therefore, there are people who have contributed to the wealth and popularity in the country. Forbes has already launched the top 10 richest men living in Australia. They are considered the most influential people that have driven economic policies and other financial reinforcements helped the country’s progress. There are economic programs have been implemented. So let’s take a look at these people who have brought so much pride and dignity, not only for his country, but throughout the world, marking the ingenuity and industry. Here are the top 10 richest people list.

1. Georgina Rinehart

1. Georgina RinehartShe is the only rose among the thorns, the nine mentioned in this list, giving the impression that women can lead and really the rule. The wife of 56 years is $ 9000 million in equity. All I had was from the inheritance he received from his father. However, he managed to maintain their growth, especially that oversees Hancock Prospecting. She has shown her stepmother’s death his father, has paid off because she continued the legacy and is still doing business in more progressive than 450%.

2. Andrew Forrest

2. Andrew ForrestIt is known as Twiggy instead of Andrew as its name. He had held various positions before achieving great success at this point in his life as a mining entrepreneur. In fact, when he reached age 30, was considered one of the youngest richest men in the world, especially when it was founded Anaconda Nickel, now known as Minara Resources. $ 6.9 billion is the total assets from 2011 and their ingenious ideas are kept current.

3. James Packer

3. James PackerHe was the son of the famous media mogul Kerry Packer, but their path is different from his father. In fact, exceeded what his father has carried out if based on the figures achieved from the time with net assets of $ 4 billion. He has extensive business investments in different game besides gambling empire of his family. It was first mentioned and included in the Forbes list in 2006 and remained a part of the richest people.

4. Frank Lowy

4. Frank LowyBecause of the difficulties that happened during World War II, became a refugee himself, but brought to fend Australia. Yes, he was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, but permanently resided in Sydney, Australia in 1952. Now 80, remains a witness to the incredible height of its assets reached $ 4.3 billion a day.

5. Harry Triguboff

5. Harry TriguboffAnother development has been classified and numbered on the Forbes list by reaffirming its $ 3.4 billion of assets, which is a million away from John Gandel. Therefore, other information about him is that he is not born and raised in Australia, but in China and even dedicated his life to children with the white mixture until the Russian people settled in Australia in 1947.

6. John Gandel

6. John GandelIt has made an investment in Melbourne mall, and most of the gains that had came from real estate. He is the 647th richest man in the world apart from having the # 6 that had this year in Australia. Your $ 3.3 billion could have another billion next year, which is possible due to its development experience in the business of real estate.

7. Anthony Pratt

7. Anthony PrattHe is the CEO and president of the largest in the world packaging and paper company privately owned Visy Industries called. The sad reality is that he is just enjoying time with her beloved son. It has accumulated $ 2. 7 billion from the time and always likes to be included among the richest people in Australia.

8. Kerr Neilson

8. Kerr NeilsonHe is one of the co-founders of Platinum Asset Management where he also serves as its fund manager. Despite 2.4 billion of assets that has at its end, he still chooses to live a simple life in luxury and many benefits it has received. You have reached the retirement age at which one could say that has more than enough.

9. David Hains

9. David HainsHe is a major investor in a U.S. steel. Total assets had came from the private operations of different businesses, where it is risky, they are in the field of engineering, property, manufacturing and retail. It has $ 1.9 billion in total assets from the time and could have exceeded $ 2 million before the end of the year.

10. Kerry Race

10. Kerry RaceWith the result of the last published Forbes, Kerry won the tenth place with $ 1.9 billion dollars in total assets. He is a businessman known in Australia and has the 785th place in the world’s richest people. The wealth he has acquired came from construction equipment, mining and property.