Top 10 Reasons People Use Self-Storage

People Use Self-Storage
People Use Self-Storage

There’s no denying it – we are a culture of collectors. We love owning things, building things, passing things down for generations… the only problem is — what happens when our accumulated collection exceeds the space available in our home?

That’s where self-storage units come in. Don’t write these units off as storage space for exiled “junk;” all kinds of people are using self-storage for all kinds of purposes. Here’s a look at the top 10 reasons why people are seeking out self-storage.


10. Seasonal decorations and seasonal clothing. You won’t need that down parka during the summer heat wave, so why let it take up space in your coat closet? And as fun as Christmas in July might be, there probably won’t be too many occasions for your giant Santa roof ornament outside of the holiday season, so you might as well give him a good home in self-storage until the appropriate festive time.

9. Electronics and appliances. If your old electronics and appliances still have life in them when you get new ones, you might not want to toss them just yet. It’s always good to hold on to a back-up! Plus at some point you could be that awesome friend who gives your extra TV to someone whose own TV has just died.

8. Books, CDs, and DVDs. It’s true that our media is generally moving towards a digital format, but many of us still have a sentimental attachment to physical copies of our favorite books, albums, and DVDs. A good book is timeless – don’t toss your autographed copy of your favorite memoir just because you don’t have enough space in your house.

7. Archived documents. As with entertainment media, a lot of important documents exist in a digital format now, but some important paperwork still needs to exist in physical form. From insurance policies to house deeds to birth certificates, you’re going to want to keep a hard copy. Don’t risk throwing away an important document that’s been lying around your house – get organized and archive it in self-storage.

6. Furniture. Maybe you’ve collected or inherited a lot of furniture over the years and it’s too much for your current home. But consider that you might be moving to a bigger place at some point, and that ottoman couch that you’ve been holding on to could be perfect there.

5. Valuables. Self-storage units offer a secure space to keep your most precious valuables if you’re worried about leaving them in your home. You’ll sleep easier at night if you know that your valuables are locked up tight.

4. Making room in your home for visitors. If you had friends or family members who needed to stay with you for a period of time, would they have room to comfortably live with you? By clearing out some of the clutter in your guest room, you’re making your home a more hospitable environment.

3. Family heirlooms. Maybe you have a toy collection from your childhood that you want to pass on, but your kids aren’t quite old enough to enjoy it yet. You wouldn’t want your toddler to be chewing on a set of classic Breyer horse models, after all. Keep anything that you want to pass down to your kids in self-storage until it’s the right time.

2. You’re living in an older house. A lot of older homes don’t have attics or basements – or at least not the extensive storage space a lot of modern houses have. If the layout of your house simply doesn’t leave enough room to keep all your things, consider self-storage.

1. You’re moving. As well as being a culture of collectors, we’re also a mobile culture. Chances are, you’ll move at least once at some point in your life, and when you do, you don’t want it to be a hassle. Whether you’re moving to a smaller place or you just need to prioritize what to take in your U-Haul, self-storage might be a smart choice. Using a self-storage unit can help minimize the amount of stuff you have to transfer (potentially long-distance) from one home to another.

Whatever you use self-storage optons for, you’ll be getting organized, and minimizing the clutter in your life, and finding a good place for those things that don’t deserve to be thrown away.