Top 10 Questions About The Grocery Shopping Business

Grocery Shopping Business
Grocery Shopping Business

It is very difficult to make an honest buck, because there is so much competition (quote – Lord of War), which is why some people set up businesses that do slightly less desirable jobs. One of those jobs is being a personal grocery shopper. This is different from a personal shopper who is tasked with buying a range of different items from all over the country; a personal grocery shopper is someone who only has to go to the local supermarket/superstore in order to buy groceries. In addition, this is a great opportunity for students to earn some extra money in the time that free from writing essays and tests.


1 – How do personal grocery shoppers operate?

They basically buy groceries for other people. They take orders, go to the store, buy the goods, collect payment and charge an additional fee for the service. The personal shopper operation may be as simple or sophisticated as the personal shopper makes it.

2 – What sort of hours will I have to work?

This is really up to you, but you may wish to work your hours around your normal day job hours. You may also set your hours as per the wishes of your clients. For example, your busy customers may not have the time to deal with you until around 9pm when their kids are in bed. So you may wish to tailor your working hours around the wants and needs of your customer base.

3 – What sort of initial investment will I need?

It can be quite a substantial one, as you will need a car, and you will need insurance to use it for business use. You will also need to advertise your services, pay for accountancy services, and pay for insurance to run your business. You may also wish to have a personal computer for keeping records or for advertising online. You may also wish to find a way to take card payments, so you will need to pay for the facilities to do that too.

4 – Is this a full time job or a part time one?

This all depends upon how many customers you get and what rates you charge. It is possible to take this sort of thing up as a full time job, but you will need to make sure that you have a reliable customer list that will provide you with income every week. If this is not the case, then you can work part time after you finish your usual day job or after your classes. You may then work towards growing your client list so that you may become a full time grocery shopper in the future.

5 – What sort of income can I expect to make?

That really depends upon your clientele and what area you work. You have to remember that online superstores offer very cheap delivery prices, and you have to compete with them. You can create a system where you are paid a percentage of the order’s total amount, so that people are not put-off by your set charges. People would rather see that you take a percentage, rather than see you are going to charge them a set service charge.

6 – Do I need any sort of qualifications?

No you do not, the job is actually quite as simply as, for example, buy an essay. The most difficult part is the accounting, getting orders correct, and finding customers. You also need to be aware that many people will not trust you and will want to check all of their items and money. You may also end up dealing with people who have dementia and who have forgotten that you have bought their groceries for them.

7 – Will I need any form of insurance?

Yes you will, as you are dealing with the customer face to face, and you are going to be handling money and goods. You should go to an insurance broker and explain your business in full. Your insurance broker should then be able to explain what insurance you need and what types of coverage would be best for your business.

8 – Is there any of this type of work available?

If you are looking for a job in the field then you are going to have a lot of trouble finding it, as there are very few companies that offer a grocery purchase scheme, apart from the superstores that deliver goods to people’s doors. Most grocery shopping services are one-person operations, where one person takes orders, does the shopping and delivers the goods. To do this sort of thing, you are going to have to go in business for yourself.

9 – Where can I find new customers?

That is a very difficult task, as people are not generally very trusting of grocery shopping freelancers. However, if you are looking for new customers, you need to look for people who are too busy to do their shopping, or people who are incapable of doing it for themselves. You should also target people who are technophobes, as they are less likely to use online shopping services and so may be convinced to allow you to do their shopping.

10 – Do you need any sort of license or permission?

It really depends what state you are in, but all of them require that you pay tax for your business. Which means you have to keep a close eye on your expenses, income and any purchases you make on behalf of other people. You need to make sure that the money you are given to buy groceries is not mistaken for income. You need to show that you spent the money on the groceries and that they were given to the customer after the transaction was completed.

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