Top 10 Must Have Vacation Gadgets

Vacation Gadgets

Vacations are a time to relax and leave the modern world behind. They can be solo or with friends or family. But let’s face the facts: we live in an evolving digital world, and sometimes leaving connectivity and entertainment behind is not for everyone. We are lucky that popular online retailers like Newegg stock many gadgets that take the solitude out of vacationing. Here is a list of a few items to consider taking with you on your next adventure.

1.Solar Charger

Solar ChargerMany of the items we would like to take with us on vacation have batteries. These batteries don’t last as long as we’d like, and on longer vacations, you may need another power source. If you are vacationing outdoors, a solar charger is a good investment. Simple to use and affordable, they harness the power of the sun and charge many portable electronics. From iPods to digital cameras, almost anything with a battery can be charged with one of these.

2.Extra Battery Pack

Extra Battery PackAt some point in your trip, your cellphone is going to need that extra “juice” to continue functioning. You look around you and only see palm trees and sand. What do you do? Pick up your spare battery pack and the solar charger we recommended earlier of course! This combo will allow you to charge your device on the go and recharge during the daytime. Sweet!

3.Portable Speakers

Portable SpeakersSpeakers are a good choice whether you own an iPod, phone, MP3 player or tablet. These work well on everything from road trips to camping, and can transform a boring hotel room into an exciting hang out spot. The speakers on most devices are not very well suited to be enjoyed by anyone beyond the immediate user. With a set of portable speakers, your friends and family can join in the entertainment.

4.Quality Headphones

Quality HeadphonesIf you are one who enjoys traveling by yourself, then perhaps a pair of quality headphones would be a great alternative to portable speakers. I mean let’s face it; you never know when you pick a hotel room just how noisy your neighbors can be. If your vacations are structured around creative purposes, then noise canceling headphones are just the thing to shy users away from outside distractions.

5.Digital Cameras

Digital CamerasThe recent advances made in camera technology have allowed manufacturers to squeeze loads of features into small packages. Whether your vacation takes you to the beach, the mountains or anywhere in between, you should bring a camera. What good are experiences if you cannot enjoy them over and over again? Digital cameras come in every size and shape , and offer options such as water/shockproof cases.


TabletTablets offer such a range of functionality, it’s hard to imagine they are a recent innovation. No matter the type of vacation, you can benefit from bringing a tablet. They come in all different sizes, prices, and configurations. Some tablets cost under $100! With a tablet, you can bring hundreds of books, movies, games, and songs. Couple this with the speakers from earlier and everyone can join in the fun.


AdaptersWherever you go, chances are you may bring different types of gadgets. So many different types of adapters exist now that you should have at least one. You can turn your car’s cigarette lighter into a power station for USB and 120V devices. With an adapter, you should never be caught with a dead battery on any device.

8.MP3 Player

MP3 PlayerAn MP3 player is a great companion to have on trips, especially on the road. Another upside is that these portable devices can be played almost anywhere. Listening to your favorite songs can help pass the time waiting for a flight or driving through a desert.

9.E-Book Reader

E-Book ReaderSince its introduction in 2007, E-Books have been on the rise. Capable of holding hundreds of book, magazine, and news content with 8 weeks continuous reading time, E-book readers are perhaps one of the most feasible devices to bring on vacations. Plus, there are all sorts of handy applications you can download and access on the road.

10.Memory Card Reader

Memory Card ReaderFor those who bring their laptops with them while on vacations, having a separate memory card reader can be very beneficial especially if files need to be transferred between devices. This may depend on whether or not you are going to take an excess amount of pictures with your camera—hence needing to transfer photo files so that your digital camera has extra space for more pictures.

Just because you choose to take a break from work or school and leave home does not mean that you should be without modern conveniences. Many options exist for you bring some fun with you. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, these gadgets will help you to have the most memorable experience possible.