Top 10 Most Richest Athletes For 2012


Top 10 Most Richest Athletes For 2012

When we are referring to the wealthiest sports athletes they are the sports athletes who are professionals in particular job areas whether it is on golf ball, football, little league, and even boxing. Hence, aside from their performances, they are also acknowledged with the equivalent settlement that they are getting aside from good remarks from the individuals. For this season’s record, here are the top 10 Richest Athletes in 2012.

10. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
Richest Athlete of 2012

He has a complete net value of $32.3 Million who performs as forward attack for soccer group from Argentina where Lionel Messi served as a leader for the Argentine Nationwide Team. He began playing when he was still youthful but his prospective was noticed until season of 2000 when his family made Europe their home. Actually, he still supports the label as the best little league gamer for 2012, which he has been positioning for many years. Lionel Messi is the 10th Most Richest Athlete of 2012.

9. Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher
Richest Athlete of 2012

He has a complete net worth of $34 thousand. He is a German racing car owner that symbolizes the Mercedez GP group. Michael Schumacher has won the 7-time World Champ and is regarded to be the top racing car owner in this sport, and was acknowledged because of his 11-year magic with Mercedes. He has obtained various prizes like the quickest laps, most tournament winner and the number of won events. Michael Schumacher is the 9th Most Richest Athlete of 2012.

8. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez
Richest Athlete of 2012

Alex Rodriguez is the 8th Most Richest Athlete of 2012. Alex Rodriguez’s present net value is $35 million and he is enjoying as a third baseman at American Professional Baseball wherein he performs at New York Yankees. He is better known as Rod in the ground and he is one of the best all around gamers of all-time according to player history. Actually, he had noted the first ever heralded high quality results in home runs, which was 500, while 600 as the newest and 14 100-RBI conditions. He has obtained the label as National Group Most Useful player, twice.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
Richest Athlete of 2012

He is a footballer from Portugal that has a complete net value of $38 Million making him the 7th Most Richest Athlete of 2012. He performs as a winger and striker at Spain’s La Liga Team Real Madrid. Aside from being part of this list, he is the most costly gamer who has been compensated according to the record of Soccer, particularly when he shifted to Real Madrid after ending a deal of £80 thousand, which is comparative to €94 Million. In computation, he is getting an yearly pay of €12 million as mentioned in the agreement that he finalized.

6. David Beckham

David Beckham
Richest Athlete of 2012

This boy next door from the association of sportsmen has a present net value of $40 Million and is a totally free broker these days. His profession started when he finalized a agreement at Manchester United in 1992 and he was 17 years of age during that time, while other possibilities to be a part of other group came in his way. Actually, he has also showed up in various movies in a cameo roles such as Goal! The Dream Begins in 2004, Goal 2! Living the Dream and in 2008, Goal! 3: Taking on the World.

5. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson
Richest Athlete of 2012

He is better known as Lefty as an National Expert Individual who has a complete net value of $46.5 Million and had won 4 significant tournament. Due to this reason, Phil Mickelson is the 5th Most Richest Athlete of 2012. He was selected as the World Golf Hall of Fame last season of 2011, wherein it will be individually granted to him by May 2012.

4. Roger Federer

Roger Federer
Richest Athlete of 2012

He is from the Tennis sports who had earned a complete net value of $47 Million who has been at the No.1 location for 237 straight several weeks where he has been rated as #3 around the world, as a Tennis sportsman by the Association of Tennis Experts. Actually, he has obtained many labels but everyone considered that he is the biggest golf gamer of all-time.

3. LeBron James

LeBron James
Richest Athlete of 2012

“King James” as all call him at National Basketball Association who is a gamer of Miami vice and has a complete net value of $48 million, him being the 3rd Most Richest Athlete of 2012.. He has obtained various prizes such as NBA Rookie of the Season, NBA Most Useful Player, and All-Star every season and other credentials.

2. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant
Richest Athlete of 2012

Who would ever ignore the firing guard from Los Angeles Lakers from the National Basketball Association, who has a complete net value of $53 Million? He is known for his high flying jumps and for his slam-dunks. Actually, he got the second maximum grade of all-time in 2006 wherein he gained 81 points in just one game play. Kobe Bryant is the 2nd Most Richest Athlete of 2012.

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Richest Athlete of 2012

Another sportsman has lead this list as a golfer because he has a complete net value of $100 Million and was regarded as the most effective gamer in record. In fact, he was the wealthiest sportsman truly for 2010, where he got richer from tournament tourneys and recognition. Tiger Woods is the 1st on the Richest Athlete of 2012.