Top 10 Most Popular Beaches in Tenerife


Benefiting from a good sunny weather and warm sea water all year round, Tenerife is a popular beach destination with tourists from all the corners of the world. If you are looking for the most popular spots in the Canary Islands, then this strip of land located right off the African coast is the perfect choice.

With so many opportunities for water sports activities and a wide range of beaches to catter to all sun-seekers’ tastes and preferences, Tenerife will provide you with only one dilema. Indeed, you holiday in Tenerife will face you with a difficult choice between the golden beaches of the South for which Sahara sand was imported and the black rocky shores of the North – witnesses of the island’s volcanic origin.

1. Playa de Las Americas


Tenerife’s party capital, Playa de las Americas is the heart of the whole island. Located on the South – Western coast, between Arona and Adeje, this lively resort is dotted with bars, clubs, restaurants, sports centers, theme parks and hotels. Long breakwaters protect the sand and provide a calm area for swimming. This is why, despite the heavy boozing practices and the noisy nightlife, the small beaches of the resort are also popular with families. The Aguaviva Festival is held here every summer.

2. Playa de Los Cristianos

Playa de Los Cristianos

Less noisy, but equally beautiful, Playa de Los Cristianos is the perfect venue for a quiet holiday or for a stop while cruising in the Atlantic. This former fishing village has turned into a holiday resort following the construction of the harbor, from where you can take day trips to discover neighboring islands La Gomera, La Palma and Gran Canaria.

3. Playa de Las Vistas

Playa de Las Vistas

Another artificial beach, for which seabed sand has been used, Playa de las Vistas is located in the close proximity of Los Cristianos. A Blue Flag beach, this 800 strip of white and yellow sand is a must-visit during your stay in Tenerife, especially if you are accompanied by kids. Your little ones will be fascinated by the show offered by the modernistic fountain spreading sea water into the sky.

4. Playa de Las Teresitas

Playa de Las Teresitas

In Santa Cruz area, Playa de las Teresitas is many people’s favorite because of its picturesque natural settings. This half-moon shaped beach borderd by palm trees is tucked between the Anaga mountains and the small fishermen’s village of San Andrés, where you can find many fish restaurants offering traditional meals.

5. Playa de la Arena

Playa de la Arena

If you don’t consider golden sand a sine qua non condition for a successful holiday, you can pick La Arena. Another Blue Flag beach right in the heart of Puerto Santiago, La Arena is made of black volcanic sand and it is featured by a beautiful garden and an extensive promenade lined with restaurants and bars, where you can have a traditional meal or sip a drink on the terrace enjoying the lovely sea views.

6. Playa de Las Galletas

Playa de Las Galletas

Featuring crystal clear water, fine sand and dark pebbles, Playa de las Galletas is a popular spot with vacationers, but also with Arona’s inhabitants. The view over the nearby harbor is charming. On site you will find modern amneties: umbrellas, outdoor showers, lifeguard, red cross station and rescue equipment, etc.

7. Playa del Camison

Playa del Camison

Tucked between two other popular beaches in Tenerife (Playa de Las Americas and Playa de Los Cristianos), Playa del Camison is an artificial beach, which gets its name from Punta del Camison, located nearby the seashore. A good location for water sports enthusiasts, this beach is boardered by a beautiful promenade, restaurants, shops and activities centers.

8. Playa de Torviscas

Playa de Torviscas

Situated on the Southern side of the Island, in the municipality of Adeje, Playa de Torviscas is the perfect place for a carefree swim as the waters are very calm here. Another reason that attracts the locals and the tourists as well is its strategic location, in the proximity of numerous bus stations. If you want to grab a bite or a drink, you will find plenty of nice bars and eateris along the beach.

9. Playa Almaciga

Playa Almaciga

A black volcanic beach nestled in the heart of Anaga Rural Park, Playa Almaciga is popular with waves catchers and surfers. While it lacks many advantages other beaches in Tenerife present, the strong air currents of this area make it a good surfing location. Therefore, if you decide to head towards this beach, don’t expect to see hundreds of people lying in the sun.

10. Playa Antequera

Playa Antequera

Located in a beautiful coastal area, this beach is actually a hidden gem, popular solely with those who know the island very well. Overlooked by rocky cliffs, Playa Antequera can be reached only by boat. If you want to spend a quiet day in a scenic location, get on a boat shuttle from the nearby towns Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Andre.