Top 10 Home schooling Resources

Homeschooling Resources
Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling children can be a wonderful way to connect with your children and take an active role in their education. In the United States, more than 1.5 million children are homeschooled, the highest numbers living in California and Florida. Homeschooling rates have increased more than 7% every year for the last few years due to many factors: colleges are admitting more and more homeschooled students; homeschooling children often have higher test results and graduation rates; and more information and resources are readily available for homeschooling parents to get the best start for their children.

Homeschooling ResourcesHere is a list of the top 10-homeschooling resources for homeschooling families.

Dad’s Worksheets – One dad, two daughters and more than 7000 math worksheets make Dad’s Worksheets one of the best resources on the internet for teaching basic mathematics to your children. The site owner says repetition is the key to excellence in math, and provides worksheets in almost 50 different categories, including fractions, long division, word problems and telling time. These resources are great for all ages and are available free of charge.

Donna Young — Donna Young was one of the first free online homeschooling resource sites, and is still one of the most comprehensive. Donna started the site in 1998 as a repository for homeschooling files, and has grown to include planners and calendars as well as collections of lessons and worksheets for art, English, handwriting, history, math and science. If you’re not sure where to start your homeschool journey, check out Donna’s homeschool planner to help you get organized.

Old Fashioned Education –Homeschooling of yesteryear meets today’s technology in this great homeschooling resource. Old Fashioned Education includes a directory of free homeschool curricula in subjects such as American history, art appreciation, composition, grammar and women’s studies. Maggie, the website’s owner, draws from public domain literature published before 1923 free from copyright, which means homeschooling parents may download, copy and print these texts for use in the homeschool classroom.

Anatomy Now ( — Science, biology and anatomy are important homeschooling topics, and this site provides low-cost, high quality anatomical models and charts to help homeschooling parents educate their students on the human body. Anatomy Now offers more than 200 models of the human body, including a skull and brain model, skeletons, human skin diagrams, lungs, joints and more. The company also sells classroom charts dealing with topics such as cancer, childbirth and the human skeleton.

Hippo Campus – This free, core academic website offers some of the best multimedia rich homeschooling resources for middle and high school students on the web. Because the site is open source, the content is regularly updated and available to project from the website to a variety of computers.  Topics include algebra, statistics, biology, physics, history and more.

Enchanted Learning — Enchanted Learning has more than 35,000 pages (and growing) on topics  from grammar, reading, anatomy, quizzes, holidays, animals, history and more. Enchanted Learning has a paid version offering a few perks, like ad-free browsing, printing capabilities and multiple subscriber logins. A family subscription is only $20 a year.

Lapbook Lessons — Lapbook Lessons provide templates, worksheets and games for the “lapbook” way of learning. Lapbooks are regular file folders folded to create a space for mini-book lessons to keep kids interested throughout the day. This site includes history, science, grammar and science lapbook printables, a forum, and video tutorials.

Homeschool Creations — This site has something for students and for educators alike. Homeschool Creations is especially helpful for the preK and primary school educators, and includes ABC’s information, geography, pre-K and kindergarten curriculum and a section for tips for homeschool educators and moms.

Starfall — With Starfall web-based learning, homeschooling kids will be refining their reading skills – but it will feel like they are playing a game! The Flash-based games start with basic ABC learning, and continue through “I’m Reading”, which features fun comics. The site also provides written worksheets to test reading comprehension, as well as a store to purchase DVD and CD-ROM based learning.

FiveJs — Named from the founder, Joy, and her family (husband Jeff and kids Jaden, Jerah and Joely), Five J’s offers free resources, like printable and templates, but also includes how to start a homeschooling curriculum, links to homeschooling articles and resources to help success in homeschooling. Five Js includes topics such as math, science, social studies and language arts.