Top 10 Home Decorating Accessories

Home Decorating
Home Decorating

Home décor is a great way for people to express themselves, whether they are rich, poor, young, or old. It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny, urban apartment or on a sprawling, country estate. There are a number of ways to decorate a home with discount home décor accessories, and every home should be different so that they reflect the tastes of the people living in them. No matter what you like, you can combine your furniture, color choices, and accessories to make the rooms in your home unique and special. Below are the top ten home decorating accessories. Pick which ones you like and begin incorporating them into your décor today!

Home Decorating Accessories#1 – All kinds of teapots. Teapots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be Asian inspired, ceramic, colorful, plain, part of a set, or meant to be used individually. Teapots are functional and beautiful, making great home décor accessories. According to the TLC website, “Today’s teapots come in many different varieties, from traditional porcelain to newer insulated models. They can be admired for their beauty and design, or used as a centerpiece. Many teapots are passed down through generations, bringing a touch of family history to the home’s décor.”

#2 – Bowls of fruit. Another great way to add some color to a room is to take a pretty ceramic bowl and fill it with fruit. Oranges and lemons are both great options because they have bright, vibrant colors, last a long time, and can be enjoyed as garnishes, in recipes, or in the case of oranges, on their own. Their shape and texture also make them great décor additions to any room.

#3 – Nothing at all. Want to make at least one room in your home really stand out as modern and sleek? Get rid of all the extras. By removing all the unnecessary clutter you will create an edgy, modern look in any room you choose.

#4 – Books. Whether you love to read, like to read, or are always hoping to read more, books make for great decoration. One easy trick to get the most out of your books is to arrange them on your bookshelves according to color. Group the red bindings with each other, as well as the blue, the black, etc. Put some on their side and some upright. It will look great!

#5 – Artwork. Whether you own fancy, high end, expensive art, or just some of your children’s school projects, artwork is a great way to express yourself through home décor. Keep your eyes open for new pieces when you go to street fairs or museums. You never know where you might find something you love!

#6 – Rugs. Rugs have been around for a long time, dating as far back as the fifth century B.C. There are rugs for every taste and every home. You can find lush, colorful rugs, as well as simple ones. Find something that matches the rest of your décor, or choose a statement rug and make the rest of your décor match it.

#7 – Collections. Whether you collect old records, shot glasses, clocks, or salt and pepper shakers, display your collection in your home. Install new shelving if you need to, or hang your collection on the walls. Keep adding to it as you collect more and more.

#8 – Photographs. If you do not already display photographs of loved ones, what are you waiting for? You do not need professional photographs or high end frames to make your photographs look great. Candid shots, in fact, are often much better than posed professional ones. Black and whites look great in red frames, and can be grouped together for great effect.

#9 – Houseplants. Houseplants serve a variety of purposes and look great in almost any room. You can buy big plants, small plants or medium sized plants. You can pick a plant that needs daily watering or one that only needs water on a monthly basis. Houseplants look great and they freshen your air by removing toxic carbon dioxide and breathing out clean, healthy oxygen.

#10 – Mirrors. Mirrors are beautiful, simple, and easy to put in almost any room. They reflect light, serve a purpose and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you have an open wall and do not know what to do with it, get yourself a mirror to hang. Mirrors also make great place holders because if you find something that will look better in its place, you can easily move the mirror to another room.