Top 10 Halloween Party Places In London

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Top 10 Halloween Party Places In London

There are a couple of nights before the rest of the Halloween festivities held in London. Monday night is the night expecting and prepared several events where people can participate and enjoy the really scary while wearing the scariest costume with friends, loved ones and families. Apart from the usual ghost tours, delicious food and tortuous family nights, Halloween parties are the best to dance and make an entry in the ghastly dance floor. Here are the top 10 best Halloween parties in London to wait, especially if first time you visit the site or when you are having a holiday in the city. Do not forget the parties is not really a game in which they have to dance and sing, but as the true meaning of the defined holiday is a time to socialize, talk, and recreate. Try these games only made in London.

1. Alice Cooper On Halloween Night Of Fear

Alice Cooper On Halloween Night Of FearIt will be held on the last day of October where you can have the craziest dance even more creepy, entertainment and music combination. There are cold different clubs and places where you can have the Halloween party called life. You could also include in this list Belle Epoque Night Club, Shiva Halloween Ball, Halloween in the Dark, Halloween at the Scala, the Cheese Club Special Halloween, Special Halloween Wank Art and Popstarz Halloween party.

2. Ghost Stories

Ghost StoriesNothing makes you move and terrified to hear, see, and see the ghost stories in a more sophisticated and exciting. Save the heart of the most terrifying night of the stories in The Duke of Yorks.

3. Halloween ICA Fair

Halloween ICA FairBe prepared with live music and entertainment, while mixing with the traditional activities of Halloween as divination and popular bingo popular. This will be held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

4. London Ghost Festival

4. London Ghost FestivalThis is more of a tour with a bus during his visit to the destination and the scariest places in London where you can have a look of interesting places.

5. Phobophobia – The Halloween at London Bridge Experience

5. Phobophobia – The Halloween at London Bridge ExperienceYou can experience a different kind of emotion without moving your body too, but with an exploration of the tunnels, specifically under the famous London Bridge, burial, and hear the horror stories directly from people who have experienced the fear, yes .

6. Lynx Halloween All Nighter

6. Lynx Halloween All NighterThis is a party groove that allows you to move from the combined expertise of DJs, with live music being played at the Alexandra Palace was going to happen on October 30.

7. Last Tuesday Society Halloween Ball

7. Last Tuesday Society Halloween BallAgain elsewhere for adults with the representation of erotic drawings by a cotton candy and Park Devil popcorn. Something that their children will never enjoy watching.

8. Torture Garden Halloween Ball

8. Torture Garden Halloween BallMake sure you follow the code of fancy dress the mandate held on October 30, Saturday. This is another part of the people in the subject mature hardcore clubbers body art, burlesque cabaret with live music and a parade of alternative fashion.

9. Eat Your Heart Out Cake Shop

9. Eat Your Heart Out Cake ShopThis is not part of kids’ favorite, but it is strictly for adults, as there are different types of sweets in the form of cakes inspired gore and porn. This is in Shoreditch High Street passing the 28 October 31 October.

10. Chills in the Chapel

10. Chills in the ChapelThis is a different game because it is a three night party that represents the scariest movies shown on the big screen. These films are Psycho Horrorand Amity Ville, Pit and Quatermass, who are showing October 29 October 31.