Top 10 Famous Male Singers in 2012


Top 10 Famous Male Singers in 2012

This catalog contains names of those talented male singers that have created a rift in the music industry. Hence let us perceive the Top 10 Famous Male Singers 2012.

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has been well-known for being very well liked among young girls and his has compelled many young males resentful of justin bieber’s eminence and magnificence that he has accomplished at his very tender age. With his second project released Nov 1, “Under the Mistletoe”, where the said project was marketed over 210,000 copies on its first weeks time, his existence is still powerful in the songs world. And him, currently developing his third project “Believe”, in which Kanye West and Drake has been tagged with him, there is so much to anticipate from this little guy.

9. David Guetta

David Guetta
May be you are feeling that this singer should not have been in this list, but you will have to admit that this singer, David Guetta was the Top 10 Famous Male Singers who had the talent to create top hit songs while joining hands with singers like Kid Cudi, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz, and Usher and the list goes on. With this season shiny for his profession, you can notice him and his surpasses all over the sound waves, throughout.

8. Pitbull


Pitbull’s track “Give Me Everything” was in the top 20 in the UK hit tv program Billboard Hot 100 and if you go into clubs and discos you will still hear his song since it can get all the people in the frame of mind for expending a few warm nights in icy atmospheres. With Pitbull’s newest project under way, planet Pit just published mid-June 2011, and the latest disbandment of his recording brand J Records, you can anticipate a lot from him this season under RCA Records, and is on number 8 on our Top 10 Famous Male Singers.

7. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo
Thanks to his newest project, “Future History” Jason Derulo will not go un-noticed and remain dormant waiting to see his fate climb in year 2012. The singer’s latest album was released in September 27, 2011 and due to this project Jason Derulo has come on 7th on our Top 10 Famous Male Singers . His most famous song “Don’t Wanna Go Home” topped the charts in Australia and UK, his profession is increasing as he is preparing on a show trip in UK this February.

6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Chris Brown’s most renowned songs were “With You, Forever”, and presently released She “Ain’t You” and “Next 2 You” teaming up with Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. Still however, RCA Music Group has disbanded his recording label, Jive Records, there is much guarantee estimated from this R&B musician thanks to his fifth project Fortune, which will be published in March 2012, with its lead song Strip already creating waves in the songs world letting him come on 6th on our Top 10 Famous Male Singers.

 5. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz
At the beginning of year 2012, Taio Cruz released his 3rd album named TY.O. Taio Cruz is probable to be stand out this year, with initial single “Hangover” by now making the top in 4 October 2011 and his 2nd single “Troublemaker”, which happened past Christmas, 27 December 2011. To Merit his aggravation with his mispronounced name, the project is estimated to provide higher, while showing individuals of how post his name properly.

4. Adam Levine

Adam Levine
Adam Leving is performing for Maroon 5, the pop rock band, origin form Los Angeles, Adam Levine will demonstrate you moves and changes like Jagger, as the group beats all of them to number 4 position for our Top 10 Famous Male Singers with his awe inspiring track. And with Jesse Carmichael revealing that a new project will be designed by the end of 2011, looks like there is something to look ahead to from this group, with Adam Levine majorly performing.

3. Drake

Drake is among the many designers that have efficiently published a project before 2011 finished, titled Take Care, which was launched in Nov 17, 2011. With songs like Dreams Money Can Buy, Marvin’s Room, and the most latest The Motto with Lil Wayne, there may be more chart toppers coming from this Canadian musician.

2. Usher

Still positioning the headline King of R&B as acknowledged by different audio fans the community over, Usher will still move the audio community with his audio thanks to a group with Mark Guetta, which published his fifth album, Without You. There may be more to come as he still reveals no indication of stopping in his tracks after his Raymond vs Raymond project.

 1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars
Of the many singers that have been described in this portfolio, Bruno Mars has been beloved by many individuals all over the community. Even though he was never involved in the most ensuring artists and singers for 2011, despite of his 6 Nominations for Grammy Awards, he covers the number 1 spot for our Top 10 Famous Male Singers because music lovers all over the world say so! After all, you may be found performing with the apes or ruining your thoughts with a Grenade every once in a while.