Top 10 European Cities

Top 10 European Cities

People choose their vacation destinations depending on the budget they have, their personality and a few other criteria. Although numerous tops of the most beautiful cities in the world have been made, you should do your own research and create a list with the top cities that you would like to visit. But until you manage to do that, read this article to discover the beauties of 10 European cities that didn’t get too much publicity until now.

Top 10 European Cities

1. The first one is Riga, in Latvia, considered to be the Paris of the East, without being as costly as the French capital is. As an example, for only 35 Euros you get a three days touristic pass that will give you enough time to sightsee all the main attractions. Riga has numerous Art Nouveau buildings with outstanding facades and floral motifs. And the good news doesn’t stop here: you will be able to find several accommodation options that will suit any budget.

2. Annency, France is located close to the Alps’ peaks, being one of the possible hosts for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Lake Annency is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in the entire world, and while in this city you will have all the time to just paddle on it using one of the numerous boats that can be rented in the area. Named also Venice of the Alps, Annency is a city with a rich and important history; its medieval architecture will surely convince you of this!

3. Vilnius, Lituania is a city that has changed a lot in the past decades. This is a young population city; statistics say that 90% of its population is under the age of 24. The city is proud of its numerous old churches and buildings. While in Vilnius, make sure to visit the Jewish Museum in the Old Town and learn an important history lesson.

4. The Faroe Islands are located between Iceland and Norway. They are 18 small islands that will take you back in time to the Viking period. Torshavn is the capital and the largest town on the islands, and over the centuries it was the main trading point for ships. Tinganes is the old part of the city, where you will suddenly leap back in time due to the numerous old houses which are covered with turf roofs. The oldest house dates back 500 years.

5. Alicante, Spain should definitely be on your “interesting tourist destinations” list. The restaurants in Alicante represent one of the main attractions, and for a good reason. Rice is served in dozens of different dishes here, and this represent one of the specifics of the region.

6. Kotor, Montenegro, is a city surrounded by stony mountains. Its past speaks of its former Ottoman and Venetian rulers. The origins of the city go back in 186 B.C. and it manages to offer the tourists the pleasure of visiting one of the most well preserved medieval cities around the Adriatic Sea.

7. The Cesme Peninsula in Turkey was formerly known as the end of the Silk Road: it as the very place where loaded caravans and camels stopped their long journey, bringing Asian goods for the entire over Europe. Cesme is perfect for all nature lovers, as its beaches are extraordinary indeed. Numerous thermal springs have been found in the region, and they represent one of the important tourist attractions.

8. Mykonos, Greece is the perfect place for everlasting parties. This is one of the best destinations if you prefer the crazy night life: the pubs and bars are open all night long and people dance until dawn.

9. Malmo, Sweden is the third biggest city in this country, and since the 1980s it has grown to be an eco friendly destination. You will be amazed to see that in Augustenborg, for example, the houses have botanical roof gardens. This is the place where electric cars where first used and the general trend in the area is to convert to 100% renewable energy by the year 2020.

10. Roskilde, Denmark is the former capital of the country; nowadays, it is the music capital, as numerous music festivals are held there. The city has a Viking history and the mix between all the varied music styles and history is unique.

These were just some of the not so popular and crowded places in Europe that are filled with history and ready to entertain the tourists, offering them vacations to remember for a lifetime. Learn more about them and maybe one of them will be your future vacation destination too.