Top 10 Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps
Cloud Apps

The era of traditional business solutions that require massive hardware infrastructure is gradually coming to its end. Majority of business processes is increasingly being powered by efficient online solutions known under a single name – cloud computing. Cloud computing is the buzzword of the decade and this is mainly because it is able to significantly enhance all business processes. Here are the most popular cloud apps that businesses and employees simply love.

E-mail services

Giants like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have been operating in the cloud for quite some time now. Their email services facilitate our everyday lives and enhance productivity by enabling simple communication, regardless of geographical distances. In contemporary business, it is essential that all the employees are able to use email services even if they are not very savvy with technology.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for BusinessGoogle is currently one of the largest cloud providers out there and they constantly work on improving their online offer. Google Cloud Apps represents a set of web software solutions designed to enhance almost every business aspect. Taking into consideration the quality of all the services Google provides, it is usually a good step for a company to start using Google’s cloud business suite. The pricing starts at $5 per user per year, which also guarantees significant overall cost savings.

Google Docs

Google DocsThis single app has significantly changed team collaboration over the past several years. Google Docs are a requirement in the contemporary business setting as they offer excellent features that every employee can make use of. Advanced file sharing, storage and real-time editing are the features that enhance team collaboration, communication and eventually productivity.

Salesforce is one of the major representatives of cloud customer relationship management solutions. Knowing how important it is to maintain an excellent system of communication with your customers, CRM software is a solution that every business needs to choose carefully. Salesforce integrates all the prospects’ data and contacts allowing you to be in touch with them. This enhances sales, enables efficient product promotion and generates ever more satisfied customers.


ZendeskThis is another popular cloud solution that allows planning an efficient CRM strategy. Zendesk is a software program for organizing customer support and it offers an easy-to-use digital help desk with a ticketing system. Similarly to Salesforce, Zendesk offers excellent integration of all your customers’ digital contacts – email, social media networks and telephone.


EvernoteEvernote is a cloud app that busy employees have been actively using for years. It allows taking all kinds of digital notes, syncing them across multiple devices and sharing them with the team collaborators. The employees who heavily rely upon their digital devices such as tablets and laptops, can find many benefits of using Evernote.


BoxCloud storage giant Box is frequently classified as one of the best business oriented cloud solutions. Premium Box accounts allow companies to enable easy file-sharing and efficient document management for their employees. Box is affordable, easy to install and use, which makes it an excellent solution even for small to medium sized businesses.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsEvery company that runs a commercial website must use Google Analytics app to track and analyze its website visits. This free app practically represents a starting point for every company to develop its online presence. It collects all the data about the website visitors, thus enabling you to plan a successful online strategy.


FreshbooksFreshbooks is an online billing service that allows integrating plenty of add-ons to manage your company’s financial processes. It supports multiple currencies and is very easy to use. With this app, the accounting is accurate, fast and effective.

Oracle ERP Cloud Services

Oracle ERP Cloud ServicesThis is a suite that contains different applications that are necessary for managing enterprise resource planning (ERP). Oracle ERP consists of all the apps your business may need in order to enhance its financial and operational processes. With such an advanced solution, you can easily plan and manage almost all your key business processes even if your company operates across multiple locations.

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Article by Mell Mayer a tech writer and a blogger from Sydney, Australia. She is researching the latest news cloud hosting and VPS hosting and their implementation in business.