Top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Phones

Rooted Phones

You are done rooting your Android-powered device. Are you now interested in knowing about the best apps available for a rooted Android phone? After rooting, you cannot wait to take advantage of the apps that are available for a rooted Android? If an answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on!

What is rooting?

Android phones are great devices that have a lot of good things associated with them. However, if you want to customize your Android phone further for optimum usage, rooting is needed.

In simple terms, rooting your Android means getting full administrative access or root access on it. Some pros of rooting your Android amongst others include improved battery life, customization as per your need, better performance, etc. The best part is that you get access to certain apps that you do not have otherwise. Several Android mobile applications development companies develop apps just for rooted phones. Here is the list of top 10 Android Apps for a rooted phone:

1) Greenify

GreenifyWe can say that this Android mobile application development brought a relief to the users of rooted Android phones. How? Greenify helps save battery life and improve performance by locating and putting certain apps on sleep mode that are not being used by the user. But don’t we have several other apps doing this function? Yes, but Greenify is different, as most other apps freezes the idle apps and thus makes the program useless. However, Greenify just puts them on hibernate.

2) DataSync

data syncIn this tech savvy world, several people use more than one Android device. Datasync, a wonderful result of shrewd Android mobile application development helps to sync the data of all the Android devices by simply using dropbox, WiFi or FTP, thus allowing access of same files across multiple Android devices.

3) CatLog

cattlogCatlog is an Android mobile application developed mainly for testers and developers. It helps the user to keep a tab on what is happening on their Android phone.

4) Root Uninstaller

rootRoot Uninstaller helps generate free space for the apps you use by hiding or uninstalling the ones that you are not using. Root Uninstaller is an Android mobile application development as a result of the user’s need of constant need for good space on the mobile.

5) Seeder

seederSeeder is another great app that improves the performance of your rooted Android mobile by using entropy seeding

6) WiFi Key recovery

wifiIf you have used any wiFi network on your rooted Android mobile phone anytime and now you need to recover the same, it is possible using WiFi Key recovery App. This is a wonderful Android mobile application developed for those who need passwords recovered often.

7) Titanium Backup

titaniumAnother app that denotes smart Android mobile application development. This app helps you to take back up of your entire phone. Not only this, it allows taking backup of specific apps and their data too. The date stored can be easily transferred to a computer with a USB cable.

8) Orange Backup

orangeWho does not need an app that can return your mobile to the most recent stable state after a crash. Orange backup not only does this but it also helps to load backups to the cloud with a single tap.

9) ChainFire 3D

chainfireChainFire 3D is an Android mobile applications developed and which is widely used as an aiding app for the users who are unable to run high end games on their mobile. It acts as a link between the app and the graphic driver, thus helping the users.

10)  Busy Box

Busy boxThis installer app for rooted phones helps to simplify running of UNIX Commands on Android phones based on Linux. The developers go as far as to claim that practically every rooted Android application needs BusyBox to perform its magic. With over 4.5 million installs, they do not seem to be far off from the truth!

The Android mobile applications development industry is growing by leaps and bounds because of the crazy demand. Competition in the field of Android mobile applications development is always to the benefit of the user. As a user, you can begin taking advantage of the top 10 apps mentioned above anytime. However, just to be on the safe side, you must take back up of your phone before installing these Apps on a free trial.

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