The Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World in 2012


You’ve most likely asked yourself what are most costly locations to reside today, and, because of the new Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Living costs Survey likely to respond to that. Laptop computer compares the price of residing in One hundred forty locations from 93 countries plus it compares the costs of products and providers for example food, transportation, schools, domestic help and many others.

New York can be used because the starting to the Economist survey using a report of the Hundred. The First two towns out of this year’s list, Zurich and Tokyo possess a report of 170 and 166 respectively meaning they’re 70% and 66% more costly to reside than New York. The very best ten costliest cities were divided equally between Europe and Asia-Pacific.

No city from US shattered the very best 10, with New York sheds on 47th place tied with Chicago and under Los Angeles. We’re now introducing the very best 10 most costly cities on the planet in 2012, based on the Economist survey.

1. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

The very first time within the last Twenty years, among Switzerland’s most beautiful cities, Zurich, rates because the most costly city on the planet, overpowering Tokyo that used this location for the majority of the latter years. The Swiss city experienced a swing of 34 proportion points and increased four locations from a year ago to accept first place.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo continues to be 66% more costly than New York, plus was only a little overtaken by Zurich on this year’s study. Its catalog score is nearly just like it had been a year ago.

3-4. Geneva, Switzerland

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Second and third locations are divided among Geneva, Switzerland, and Osaka, Japan. The Europe town rose from ninth to 3rd location, because of a 30 % stage rise. These main ups came from the Swiss has among the most powerful money on the planet and so life in Switzerland expenses far more.

3-4. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

The same thing may be said about Osaka and Japan too. Japanese currency can be truly powerful right now although Osaka may be the 2nd most critical town of the nation, it’s however fairly near to Tokyo when it comes to living costs.

5. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

The 5th place on this list is busy by Norway’s capital, Oslo. The north life just received more costly, or more it appears but it’s absolutely an amount to pay for to reside the most beautiful cities of Europe.

6. Paris, France

Paris, France

Talking about gorgeous locations in Europe, around the next place, the sixth, is situated the most famous cities on the planet, Paris. France has it put here because of its exquisiteness and different style and possibly because it’s among the best holiday destinations within the world.

7. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has become nearly 50 per cent more costly compared to fashion and glamour of latest York. The coast of breads has nearly bent within the last 10 years, while gas rates have increased 3 times and grain or other costs even four or even more periods.

8. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The 2nd city from Australia making it on this top ten is Melbourne, that has nearly exactly the same rates for everything as Sydney. Perhaps Sydney is more costly because it’s a little more common, but they’re absolutely shut.

9. Singapore


The town state continues to be the most costly locations on the earth, 42% more costly than New York and also other cities like Hong Kong and also London.

10. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

The final on this record and not final within the survey is Frankfurt, the most critical locations from Germany. Frankfurt may be the economic and transport middle of Germany plus the biggest economic center in continental Europe uses the head office of 7 main banks in here.
Being a shock, Hong Kong, famous because of its rates previously, has become rated 22nd, understanding an autumn of 19 places, Ten years ago occupying the 3rd place.

The general quantity of locations that taken part in laptop computer is 130, discussing 400 person rate all through 160 kinds of items, from clothing, personal schools, transportation and food to rental prices. There’s also a recognized gas rate difference per liter, from $0.96 in Moscow to $2.17 in Paris. Despite these, Western Europe has Twenty four main cities spread within the first Fifty from the record, while Asia shares a far more small quantity, of 14.