Spring Fashion: Eight Trends That You Will Want to Try

Spring Fashion
Spring Fashion

After a long, boring winter, the spring season is finally here. If you’re like most women, the fresh flowers, warm air and sunny skies are probably inspiring you to want to update your wardrobe. There are many new trends for spring this year, all of which you will be sure to love.

1. Cutouts

CutoutsCutout dresses, pants and blouses are a great way to show off some skin while remaining classy and covered up. This season, cutout patterns have been spotted all over the runways, with designers like Victoria Beckham, Mark Fast, Roberto Cavalli and Versace all getting in on the trend.

2. Asian Details

Origami-style folds, kimonos and Japanese-style prints are being found all over the runway shows this spring, from Prada to Emilio Pucci. Add a bit of exotic spice to your wardrobe this season by getting in on this trend.

3. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda ShortsThere is good news for those of you who like comfort: Bermuda shorts are back in style! This casual, comfortable style of knee-length shorts look great with both t-shirts and tennis shoes or fancier blouses and heels. Designers like Rachel Zoe, Donna Karan and Chloe all love this style.

4. Silky Veils and Layering

Layering sheer, lightweight materials on top of thicker, solid prints was a very popular trend on the runways this spring season. Designers like Roberto Cavalli, Haider Ackermann and many others love this look because of its feminine, breezy appearance.

5. See-Through Purses

See-Through PursesClear purses and backpacks were a big trend a couple decades ago, and many people probably thought that they wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. As it turns out, those people were incorrect. This year, designers like Burberry featured clear clutch purses, sandal straps and other see-through accessories as a part of their spring line.

6. Roman Gladiator Boots

Roman Gladiator BootsThe Gladiator sandal has been around for a while, but this season, designers have built upon the popular look and taken it to an entirely new level. Alexander Wang and Tom Ford both feature a knee-high Gladiator boot in their lines, and Ford’s shiny-metal version looks more like something from the future than the ancient past.

7. Strong Contrast

Black and white is big this season, especially with thick, bold lines and plenty of stripes. Marc Jacobs and Chanel both featured plenty of contrasting designs in their spring lines, and the look is great because it goes with just about anything.

8. Temporary Tattoos

No matter what spring look you go for, one of the best accessories that you can choose is a new piece of body art. However, if you aren’t willing to commit to a real tattoo, consider trying out a temporary design. Temporary tattoos have come a long way in the past few decades, and these days, many celebrities are taking advantage of this temporary way to change their look.

Every woman should update her wardrobe each year and spring is a particularly good season to do so. Since last year’s styles and colors are quickly becoming a thing of the past, why not take the time to try out a few of these looks and see how they work for you?

Author Shelby Warden is enjoying the new trends, especially changing tattoos to match her weekend outfits. Tattoo You is a fun, new online community where you can find the latest temporary tattoos designs and vote on artwork submitted by A-list tattooers and illustrators to help determine which ones will be printed next.