SEO Best Practices to Win Trust and Maximize Profits


Good SEO is great marketing. Attract prospects and win customers the easiest and most profitable way. Let’s find how implementing basic search engine optimization techniques is akin to using the most powerful marketing tools available today.

What Constitutes Great SEO

Let’s find the most important elements of good SEO practices. Especially focus on the following points.

SEO Best Practices

Easy to navigate website: Let your visitors find what they want – quickly and easily. People will start loving your easy to use website, which tells them exactly where to look and what action to take.

Relevant content

Create and share top quality text content, images, graphs, e-books, videos, etc. The more attractive content you create, the better you get at establishing yourself as an authority figure.

Keyword research

Keyword research is really customer research. Find out what your customers are looking for. Then deliver them exactly what they want. Include their search phrases within your content – on headlines, text, image filenames, image alt tags, etc.

Keyword research

This way, both search engines and your visitors can find what they have been looking for – in your website.

Link building

Good SEO is building links naturally from diverse websites. Link building is like social acceptance. Links are like endorsements. The more links you get, the better your influence will be.

Link Building

Ask for links. More importantly, create and share irresistible content, which other bloggers and web masters would love to link to.

Well, those are real good practices for SEO. You can’t go wrong with these practices. Also don’t be scared by Panda, Penguin and other scary beasts. Because, these practices will help you fly above all those worries.

Focus on Conversion

Conversion optimization is equally important as SEO. There is no point if people leave your website without taking any action that you want them to take.

Run split tests to increase conversions. Tweak the design and content of your web pages until you win maximum number of customers, subscribers and leads. Conversion optimization helps you increase sales and leads. Conversion optimization is a natural extension of search engine optimization.

What Not to Do for SEO

Avoid the SEO practices that put you in a fix. Especially watch out for the practices listed below.

Buying link juice: You can’t buy your way to authority. You have to win it. Don’t try to buy links. If you do succeed in buying links, it will be from low quality websites, which will eventually be penalized by search engines.

Instead, focus your attention on creating top quality content to share from your website. High quality blogs and websites will link to your content. This is an authentic method of getting quality links.

Keyword stuffing: Content creation is not about filling your web pages with low quality text content. If you resort to keyword stuffing, people will ditch your website. Search engines will follow suit.

Instead, create high quality content to win the trust of visitors. And, the trust of search engines thereafter.