Post-Workout Workouts: 5 Ways to End it the Right Way

-Workout Workouts
-Workout Workouts

When it comes to sculpting a hard, lean and muscular physique, it is always important to engage in post-workout exercises and other routines in order to maximize muscle mass growth and fat loss. Here is a list of the five most effective things individuals can do after their workout in order to see rapid results:

Dynamic Stretching

One of the biggest issues that hinder most individuals from having great range of motion, flexibility and mobility in the gym is tightness in their muscles. Performing dynamic stretches opens up the muscles to provide individuals mobility and strength and also prepares muscles to endure greater loads of weight as well as repetition. One of the best things to do post-workout is to perform some stretching exercises, particularly in big areas such as the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, calves, and quadriceps. Performing dynamic stretches helps prepare individuals for big bang movements such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses.

Low Impact Cardio

Performing a 30-45 minute session of low impact steady-state cardio, i.e. walking at an incline, cycling, or rowing are perfect aerobic conditioning sessions for individuals looking to maximize fat loss without compromising hard earned muscle. After a strenuous weight lifting session, this is perfect in order to help the body burn some additional calories, boosting fat loss in the process. Steady state cardio should be done at around 50%-60% of one’s VO2max to ensure that body fat stores are being used for energy versus muscle mass.

5 Ways to End it the Right Way

Relax in Sauna

Many people may not realize the tremendous benefits that come along with sitting in a dry sauna for 20 minutes. Studies have shown that sitting in a sauna for twenty or more minutes boost fat loss, increases HGH levels, and detoxifies the body.


Swimming is another perfect way to end a workout. Swimming a couple of laps in the pool after a workout helps improve endurance, flexibility and mobility comparable to dynamic stretching. On top of that, the overall coolness of the water will help speed up the muscle recovery process after a strenuous weight lifting session.


The body needs to be repaired after intense lifting. Heavy weights combined with constant repetitions depletes the body of glycogen – the substance needed in order help build lean muscle mass. Drink a delicious and nutritious post-workout protein shake immediately after working out. Throw in a scoop or two of whey protein powder, berries, fruit juice and ice cubes into a blender to make a filling post-workout recovery shake. I personally use the blendtec for reliability. Click here to view blender models.