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Top Ten List Of Weirdest Wedding Locations


Top Ten List Of Weirdest Wedding Locations

Marriage is really a holy milestone for two people that decided to take their romance to a serious level and above. Therefore, there are couples who chose to formalize their loved ones and buddies from the most bizarre and most unusual and the events you might think.  This is what I think of the one, apart from the typical configuration that most couples who have been doing. These are the strangest places wedding list and observed throughout the world.

10. On Top of the Plane

On Top of the Plane A couple of Wales has decided to change his “self” while standing on the top of the plane. They have decided to do after winning the competition for wing walking.

9. Firing Range

Firing Range Instead of solemnizing in the traditional way, the couple with a formal dress and tuxedo were armed with rifles, while the release of bullets meant “yes”, which is being presented to each other until death do us part.

8. Horse Racing Venue

Horse Racing Venue Sandown Park is the most strange and unusual for couples wanting to tie a knot at the headquarters of racing itself. This is really off to a wedding package and location. In fact, they are offering two packages of room, such as Coto Director Suite and Andros.

7. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity A couple held a wedding in zero gravity in 2009 and were known as space enthusiasts the ceremony in a Boeing 727-200 in which the majority of attendees wore suits while the bride wore planet as outstanding the groom wore cuff links conveniently formed as a spaceship.

6. Jungle Surrounded by Animals

Jungle Surrounded by Animals If you feel like Tarzan, who lives in a forest, dependenton the fictional story, well, you can find zoos around your area and home there. The best example of that is the London Zoo, as well as their witnesses will be the animals that live in this jungle.

5. Live Crucifixion Simulation of Marriage Vows

Live Crucifixion Simulation of Marriage Vows It is another idea that can be obtained instead of expressing your sincerity in carved wood sculpture of Jesus Christ image. Why not make a false pretense that it’s meaning their vows before the cross, which acts as the Savior.

4. Phone Booth

Phone Booth A couple of Norway has done this and they also did accept another through a sms in front of the phone booth. This can be the casual and contemporary, which may match their sincerity towards others.

3. Creepy Funeral

Creepy Funeral It might be unique but it’s the scariest thing a couple of the United States has done. Yes, they were unique in all aspects of your customers might have had the shock of the thoughts of the witnesses of them saying that their “yes”, while inside the coffin. In fact, it is a “till death do part vote” because they started with “the concept of funeral.” Creepy fact.

2. Underwater

Underwater The first wedding ceremony under water was conducted in 1904 and there have been big fans of this drama. There are several ways that most couples around the world have made just for your unique wedding location, where some have been scuba diving or even wearing suites formal wedding dress, but saying that his ” yes “to each other underwater.

1. Haunted house

Haunted house You might have thought the issue is more formidable funeral. How much more if you celebrate your wedding night in the abandoned house haunted. Some of the couples who have made this issue were Edward Douglas Kuhns and Angela Marie Pitt in 1973 in Elysburg, and Tina and Robert Seifer III Milhoane in Ohio.

Top Ten List Of Most Dangerous Snake Types

Common Indian Krait

Top Ten List Of Most Dangerous Snake Types

Snakes are terrifying creatures, even those who are not poisonous. However, since these incredibly elusive creatures are associated with the power to kill, causing fear and panic throughout the world, its existence produces terror to everybody who sees them. Take a look of this top 10 list and see if you’re able to survive the horror.

10. Jararacussu


Discovered hanged in the woods and trees of Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil  may be the dark green jararacussu. The colour of the lower body is colored bright yellow, that becomes noticeable in ordinary environments. Having a length raising to a maximum of greater than 3 meters, this snake has a lot of ammunition with 800 mg of venom per bite, more than enough to kill 32 people in one shot.

9. Tiger Snake

 Tiger Snake

Be careful when you’re in the lands of Australia, specially in Tasmania, the Bass New Guinea and Strait islands , as there are tiger snakes that can be seen in arid environments and human settlements near green areas and roads basins. Not to be mistaken with its dark brown body that extends to a maximum amount of 1.8 meters. It’s known to be very aggressive when irritated which can produce venom 35 mg to 180 mg per snack.

8. Krait Multiple Bands

Multibanded Krait

You can not misinterpret this for a zebra, as multiple bands Krait is a highly poisonous snake that can not be underestimated. Reassuring information is that these snakes are rarely found on land, but are usually entangled in fishing nets, the fishermen are victims in the process. They feed on frogs, fish, snakes and others that make them famous in the islands, such as those found in the  Vanuatu, South China Sea and Fiji. His Alfa-bungarotoxin is a neurotoxin that can bring down powerful people.

7. Yellow Jawed Tommygoff

Yellow Jawed Tommygoff When you are living on farms and other agricultural land, make sure you do not have rodents in your home too, because it can attract a yellow Jawed Tommygoff to stay in one of their rooms. Also, be sure not to be too frantic to see one, even in the dark, as it has been hot in search of the tusks that are accurate to the bite. When you are poisoned by its venom cytotoxic, it is expected that your skin, including tissues, burned in minutes.

6. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

You can not dance with this baby as Black Mamba is the fiercest of his kind, even feared throughout the African continent. Despite being called Black, also found in other shades of brown, olive, and even green, yellow. Make sure you have a useful antidote when they venture into the dense forests, as their bite is 100% fatal if not treated immediately to your bite.

5. Russell Viper

Russell’s Viper

Three rows of spots, to see that in a length of 1.5 meters, is a sign that you are viewing Russell’s viper, although near the gates of death. It may be found in Sri Lanka, southern China, India, Malaysian Peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, living in tropical forests and farmland. It is very irritable, so it is recommended not even a little bug. Its venom hemotoxic can damage tissues and red blood cells on contact.

4. King Cobra

King Cobra The King Cobra has a provision that moves well by name. It’s the largest venomous snake on earth, and it also has wit in his anger reduction of playing with other poisonous snakes, showing his outstanding intelligence. It grows an average of 3.5 meters long 5.5 meters at most, and can inject a large amount of neurotoxin in the system.

3. Philippine Cobra

Philippine Cobra Despite being little, the Philippine Cobra is one of the most toxic snakes that exist in the world, even dominate the king when it comes to their destructive power. Suppose that with a maximum length of only 100 feet, killing ammo packs that can not be confused with something small fry. You may be both friendly to deadly snake charmers as well as their own observation.

2. Common Indian Krait

Common Indian KraitThe common Indian Krait night is a concern too threatening, as its venom is 15 times stronger than a normal charges. Be sure to store your belongings while in the camp because they are sleeping in tents, boots, and bags, very nice. Its powerful neurotoxin, not only can cause poisoning, but can also complicate breathing.

1. Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan Taipan is a snake that is best described as death by her powerful poison that can kill people in just a couple of hours. It can be injected over 110 mg of the toxin that can kill over 100 people and 250,000 in the mice in one bite. They are often misunderstood as aggressive because they are very docile despite their fame.

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