New iPhone 5 or iPhone? Reviews before departure


From iPhone4 and a few days of the expected launch of the new Apple mobile device, we’ve become a little question among everyone. Did the next device Apple iPhone will be called iPhone 5 or New? We asked professionals and peers about these options so we can hear from you.

The question we have done is simple:

What name do you think baptize the next model of iPhone? Would you call new iPhone 5 or iPhone?

Without doubt, Apple’s invitation has affected their final opinions. If we asked the same question a week ago, the answers probably would not be the same.

Mario Sevilla, @ MarioSev_i4s, editor programming course in iPhone4 iOS 5 and iPhone application developer / professional iPad, makes it clear that his opinion would be to repeat the same policy that Apple created with the new third-generation iPad, although the evidence say Otherwise, as he says with his words: “Seeing the invitations, sent to all media, the event of September 12 can be seen in the reflection appears 5.

With what it looks like to be called iPhone 5. I think we should adopt the policy for the 3rd generation iPad, so that the new iPhone should be called iPhone. Thus we can name all Apple products by name and not by name and model. Furthermore, it makes little sense to be called iPhone 5 because neither is the 5th generation of the device but the 6th “.


On the other hand, Daniel Peris, @ Daniel peris, mobile marketing consultant and founder of Miss Conversion, among other things, reaffirms the high likelihood that the next iPhone is called iPhone 5 as Apple reduces invitation call rumors new iPhone. However, in the case of Apple, may we always wonder: “Based on the invitation sent by Apple to the media, the name of Apple’s new terminal will, almost certainly, iPhone 5. However, if we consider the name “New iPad” to Apple surprised more than one, the new smartphone of Cupertino could be called “New iPhone.” What will Apple? I bet on iPhone 5 “.

According Pinar Alejandro Fernandez, @ granaino127, you already know more than one, since it is an editor at iPhone4 also suspicion about the shadow that appears on the invitation of the event and said with absolute certainty that the next Apple device will iPhone 5 “I bet on iPhone 5. On 5 hidden in shadow is suspicious as it would be the 5th generation. Would only make sense if you call him iPhone 5”.

Finally, Javier Martinez, @ JavierMrt, Internet business consultant in iPhone4 3dids and CEO, says that before seeing the picture of the invitation was convinced that Apple surprised with a completely different name to iPhone 5, but seeing the famous and shadow, is more convinced, but does not exclude the element of surprise that Apple has provided in each of the events: “To date Apple’s invitation to the famous shade marking a 5, you would think that iPhone 5. After seeing the picture and I think more. Anyway, Apple always wants to be unpredictable and surprising, as demonstrated with the new iPad, so anything can happen.

Viewing the invitation comes to me the idea to play with 12. It comes to my mind the image of Tim Cook and a 2012 “There’s a lot to look forward to” …”

In my opinion, everyone expected to be called iPhone 5, but we must not forget that Apple loves to save an ace in the hole and leave everyone with their mouths wide open. Honestly, I prefer to be surprised with the iPhone itself, not only with his name. I bet on iPhone 5. New iPhone not see it likely since a few months ago to similarly named iPad and Apple wants to surprise, and always succeed. Support Javier, maybe even surprise us with 12 listed in the invitation, who knows. We can only hope and dream of what we present this great company in a few days.

In iPhone4 are finalizing everything for the September 12 informed in detail at the time, on the event of the new Apple mobile device. While we continue to wait and speculation about his possible name, characteristics and even his appearance until a few days.

We have already thought, now it’s up to you, who are many more. Do you think it will be called iPhone 5? What do you think?