Make A Bold Fashion Statement With Neon Clothes

Statement With Neon Clothes
Statement With Neon Clothes

All around the world old trends seem to be resurfacing. Back in the 80’s neon colours were very popular, who would’ve thought that 30 years later they would make a big comeback. Back in the 80’s neon clothing was baggy and over sized. These days neon clothing is available in numerous materials such as lycra, spandex and cotton. The most used neon colours are; orange, pink and yellow. Pulling off a brightly coloured outfit may not be possible for many. However you can opt to wear something such as a bright neon top with dark bottomed jeans. Here is a list of available neon accessories ranging from watches, bracelets and leg warmers.

Neon shoes

Neon shoes are sure ideal if you want to add some pizzaz to a dull outfit. They are available in a number of designs. Flat pumps, high heels, trainers and more. Whether you are hitting the club or simply going out for a day of shopping. Some cute neon shoes will surely turn people’s heads.

Neon Club Wear

The rave scene was immense back in the 80’s so it is no surprise that even today neon clothes are ideal for club wear. Ravers like to stand out and wear vibrant and bold colours. I would be surprised to see a clubber wearing a plain top and jeans. If you are out dancing the night away you want to be wearing light clothing so you can avoid potentially passing out. Skimpy shorts, boob tubes, hot pants and skirts are all ideal items of clothing. Neon clubwear is not only designed to look good but is also beneficial for your comfort as well.

Neon Accessories

If you are a neon virgin than the thought of dressing up like big bird from sesame street may scare you. Why not be a little bit outrages and try wearing some brightly coloured accessories. There are neon coloured accessories ideal to match any kind of outfit. Bracelets, watches, bangles, belts and bags. These are merely a few of the items you can choose from.

Bold Fashion Statement

Neon Wigs

Now, you may not see an average person walking around with a bright pink wig every single day. However, these are great for parties. Especially if you are throwing an 80’s do. Available in numerous styles and colours wearing one of these beauties is sure to put a smile on any onlookers face.

Neon Clothes

Many teens seem to have taken a liking to neon clothing. Leggings, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, bikinis and much more. Neon clothing is so simple to pick up and many young ladies work the neon style very well. If you are vibrant and outgoing than neon clothes will surely reflect your personality.

Author: Claudia is a fashion student and wants to share with the world the importance of decent  to make a gift that little more special.