Let Your Performance Do The Talking


Let’s start with the nuances between a job interview and an audition. A job interview are solely based on question and answers on the relevant subject and times they tend to test the interviewees perception and reasoning skills but in an audition one needs to provide a sample performance. Generally you are allowed to perform a pre-rehearsed script, a play, a dance step or a musical interlude for that matter but synchronization with the specific guidelines set by the judges is quite a challenge. Auditions can be for various performing arts. So, let’s look at how it goes for a few more popular professional areas in the world of performing arts

Acting & Modeling agencies

  • For the camera or stage: When it comes to acting for the three major mediums namely, films, theatre and televisions auditions are the most popular process the production houses look at to systematically take casting decisions. It might start with online promotion, advertisements on newspaper and television to welcome actors for the selection process. Portfolios are required to be submitted based on which the calls are made to selected ones. Auditions might be public or private.  The point is you should know what you are most comfortable with. For example an actor might be a proficient stage performer and might not be very fluent in front of the camera. Being an all rounder or a complete performer is always welcomed but specific skill sets should be given top priority. Based on the nuances between the platforms or mediums you can plan your participation.
  • Rock star or singing sensation: If you are an aspiring singer you must be aware of the genres that the world of music incorporates. So, if a purpose of an audition is to find the most talented rock star in the country, a blues or a jazz singer for that matter might not get the same recognition. If that’s the case don’t get disappointed because your talent did not suite the requirement, and it was certainly not the fact that you weren’t good enough. Brush up your skills and practice and the next time you want to participate, know for sure what the recruiters are looking for.
  • Move and groove: Let’s come down to the point of auditions when it comes to dancing. One of the more popular and diverse performing art forms, dancing has always got a hefty number of followers and attracted considerable sets of passionate audiences all over the world. You might be trained on traditional or a hip-hop dance forms but make sure you make every second of your performance counts. Auditions in this case might be conducted to select probable participants for a musical theatre or for a show on a particular dance form. Know your area of expertise and choose to participate on those auditions where you will have a fair chance to flourish.

We primarily looked at its and bits of what auditions are all about while relating to acting, singing and dance. Other than the more popular three auditions for instrumentalists, modeling and various other forms of performing arts are also conducted across the country. Auditions in Chicago might not provide a breakthrough but auditions for a particular type of performance generally has a similar pattern and therefore be ready to try in California or New York.

Author’s Bio – Idania Silvia is a reputed fashion and modeling industry. Be it auditions in Chicago or Seattle auditions – she writes on all topics related to her niche industry.