Four Easy Steps to Saving Money on Your Prescription Medications


A huge percentage of regular American citizens are struggling to meet their healthcare costs on a monthly basis. A frustrating portion of our out-of-pocket expenditure is simply out of our hands. As many people who have attempted to do so will tell you, it’s virtually impossible to argue with an insurance company as they have too many rules and loopholes to keep straight. Furthermore, we are often completely unaware of the cost of many tests ordered by our doctors and physicians until the bill arrives in the mail. But increasingly, there is one area where we can have a little more control over the amount we spend: picking up our prescription drugs at the pharmacy.

Prescription Medications

Many people have heard of programs or schemes which allow you to get the same medications at a reduced cost, but they are not quite sure how to go about getting similar benefits for themselves. They may be put off because they believe that it’s all too good to be true or that it’s going to be an arduous process, even worse than an insurance claim. However, with websites, such as Big Apple Rx, you can get your medicine at a reduced cost, for a lot less hassle than you might expect. It’s simply a matter of going online and doing the necessary research, which can be done from the comfort of home.

Additionally, the good news is that there is no limit to the amount of prescriptions you can use your card for. In most cases, there are just four extremely easy steps to start getting major deals.

1. Visit a website to print out your free card.

Alternatively, some websites can also text you a code, or you can simply write it down!

2. Search for a list of NYC discount pharmacies.

That way, you can choose to go to a location that accepts savings cards. The good news is, in places like the New York City area, there are literally thousands of store that participate, so you won’t have to go out of your way to get deals.

3. Visit the care center near you.

Most of the time, you cannot use the savings card on top of your insurance benefits. However, if there is a medication that your insurance plan does not cover, you can use it for that as well.

4. Save money!

Some people see savings as high as almost 50 percent on the medicine that is necessary for their health and well being.