Five Ways To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

The Perfect Pair Of Glasses
The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

If life has recently started to look a little blurred around the edges – it’s probably time to face facts; you need glasses!

However, picking out a new pair of perfect glasses can be tricky: You go into the opticians, try on several different styles of frames and desperately try to remember what each pair looked like so you can make an informed decision.

Millions of people wear glasses daily and selecting the perfect frame depends on a multitude of factors, from your colouring, face shape, hairstyle and personality, and when you add the huge variety of contact lens, and coloured contact lenses  now available, selecting the right eyewear has become a complicated decision.

Perfect Pair Of GlassesHere are five foolproof ways to make sure your next specs are practically perfect in every way:

Bad Hair Day

If you have very long hair, or have a hairstyle that is a major feature of your face, you should try to select very simple glasses that still allow your hair to be the major feature of your face, without having to compete with your glasses.

Alternatively, people with very short hair or who often wear their hair tied back often suit bolder frames.

Colour Me Perfect

Glasses are now available in a veritable rainbow of colours, which means there are certain rules that can help you with your choice of colour.  As a general rule, people with darker complexions can get away with bolder colour, than us paler people.

However, it’s worth experimenting with a few different hues before making your final selection, as surprisingly blondes look amazing when they wear black frames.

Shape Sorter

Working with your face shape is essential when selecting the perfect frames.  This is all about balance, and as a general rule you should choose a pair of glasses that offers contrast to your face shape.  For example, if you have a round face, opting for an angular frame will compliment your features much more than a round pair.

Eyebrows should also be taken into consideration as the most flattering silhouette often mimics the shape of your eyebrows, so they appear to flow with the frame.

You should also be aware of the width of your face and look for frames that are the same size as the widest part of your face – anything wider can result in an undesirable ‘bug-eyed’ look.  Going narrower will make your face appear pinched and narrow.

Good Personality

Personality is another important factor, although certainly not a hard and fast rule.  You may find that bolder frames simply don’t look quite ‘right’ on you, if you are generally quiet and shy.

Glasses can help people see the ‘real’ you, or they can help promote the image you would like.

Glasses for Serious Business

Most of us spend the vast majority of our time at work; so deciding on a pair of glasses that will enhance your professional image will be a good investment.  This is particularly true if you work in a conservative, corporate environment.

Frames in classic shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds and in traditional colours such as gold, silver, black and brown will all look exude an image of smart, classic understated style.