Five Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Health

Emergency care

We are surrounded by technology.

  • Our kitchens have the latest gadgets so we do not have to cut veggies by hand;
  • The living room has every device available to keep us from having one second of un-entertained thought; and,
  • Even the bathroom has toothbrushes that are motorized.

Healthcare is one field where technology is really making a positive impact on our lives.  Receiving better healthcare and taking better care of ourselves means a longer, healthier and happier life.

Diagnostic laboratory advances

Advances in diagnostic laboratory technology have made it possible to detect and treat a variety of diseases so that patients recover quicker with less adverse symptoms.  For example, one of the newest advances in diagnostic technology is being tested at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic training and games in Wales.  Luminex’s  xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (GPP) can detect up to fifteen disease-causing pathogens within five to six hours.  Diagnosing gastrointestinal infections can now be down in hours rather than days.

Diagnostic imaging

Alzheimer’s is quickly becoming a costly disease feared by a greater number of Americans.  However, advances in imaging technologies are allowing doctors to understand better the changes in factors that precede the onset of Alzheimer’s thus allowing doctors to better diagnose and treat patients.  By allowing doctors to determine who is susceptible to Alzheimer’s much earlier, imaging technology will help provide better healthcare for patients.

Emergency care

Emergency care

When you have a medical emergency, every second counts.  Precious minutes can slip by waiting in an emergency room for a specialist and those minutes can mean the difference between a full recovery, substantial health risks or even death.  St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, CA is using robots to assist in patient care when a physician cannot be at the patient’s bedside.  The “remote presence” allowed by the robots recently made it possible for a stroke victim to receive immediate care rather than wait for the specialist to travel to the ER.

Surgical care

Surgical care

Robots in the operating room – – it sounds like a clip for a science fiction film.  However, robots have been used in the operating room for a little over a decade.  The most advanced is the da Vinci Surgical System.  With interactive robotic arms and a 3-D screen that allows a surgeon to see more clearly, the robot gives the physician the ability to be much more precise and efficient.  The benefits for the patient include less invasive surgery, a shorter recovery period and smaller scars.

Personal technology & your health

If you can use a phone to find the cheapest pair of designer shoes in town, you can certainly use technology to improve your health.  Healthcare gadgets are the newest way individuals are improving their health. Take these two for example:

  • The Basis is a heart rate monitor you wear on your wrist.  The monitor measures an array of health data so you can get detailed health information.
  • Take the pedometer to a new level with Striiv.  This device not only counts your steps it gives you challenges to keep you moving and motivated.

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