Dos’ And ‘Don’ts’ When Having Cosmetic Surgery Of Any Kind

Cosmetic Surgery

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery or have perhaps already committed to having the operation, you should bear in mind that aftercare and sticking to the advice your surgeon gives you is absolutely paramount. Make the most out of your surgery by sticking to the following key points:-

Cosmetic Surgery

1. High quality cosmetic surgery in London is widely available. There are many clinics offering a great service and great results.

2. If you are looking to undergo cosmetic surgery in London take a look at clinics such as Botonics whose staff are well qualified and experienced in many areas of cosmetic surgery.

3. Whether you are having your cosmetic surgery in London or any other city, make sure you have a full consultation with the surgeon to ensure you have the same goals. This is standard care with clinics like Botonics,

4. Make your surgeon aware of any medications you are allergic to. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant, it could be, so be on the safe side.

Recovery Time

5. You should bear in mind that you will be feeling less than 100% after your operation.

6. As well as the operation itself you may have a general anaesthetic which can hang around in your system for a while.

7. Don’t plan on jetting off on a world cruise or other holiday immediately after your operation, it is likely you won’t feel well enough.

8. You may want to get away, convalesce without the scrutiny of others but wait to see how you feel afterwards.

9. If you choose a good surgeon or clinic, side effects or complications should be minimal but make sure you are fully informed as to what to expect.

10. If you get home and notice something unusual that you weren’t expecting, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them


11. If your surgeon gives you medication after your operation, make sure you take it as advised. Don’t forget to mention any other medication you may be taking for other medical conditions, not all drugs mix well.

12. You will likely be left with temporary scar tissue or scabs after your surgery. Don’t pick it as this could lead to permanent scaring and/or infection.

13. Keep yourself hydrated. You should do this anyway, but it’s especially important after surgery.

14. Be very kind to your skin, particularly in the affected area. Keep it clean using gentle soaps and moisturisers and keep out of the sun. If you have to go out, use a cream with SPF of 30-40 but not a sun block.

15. Some surgeries will such as Rhinosplasty (nose job) require you to keep your head up, follow all the advice given, whatever your surgery for the best results and a speedy recovery.

This is a general list; clinics offering cosmetic surgery in London such as Botonics will offer you specific advice for your particular procedure and circumstances.


A. Mathews is a London based nurse specialising in the care of cosmetic surgery patients, both post and pre op. She keeps up to date with advances in cosmetic surgery procedures using information from a variety of clinics, such as Botonics in London.