Colorful Iphone 5s To Be Present In June 2013


Apple will introduce the next generation of smartphone- iPhone 5S – in June 2013, once again breaking the cycle of product updates, predicts analyst Peter Misek, as quoted by the Business Insider Resource.

According to experts, iPhone 5S will have a more powerful battery, a support of NFC, a better camera, a Retina + screen resolution, which will be made by Sharp, and will include up to 128 GB of internal flash memory (twice as much as today the most expensive phone offers).

The analyst predicts that iPhone 5S will be available in 6-8 color options similar to the latest iPod touch of the fifth generation. Let’s recall that the player released in mid-October is available in silver, black, blue, yellow and red colors.

It should be noted that this step will be unconventional for Apple. Of all the products the company produces in a various color scheme only players. And iPod Touch was launched in different colors only in the latest generation.

For other manufacturers of smartphones, especially what concerns the devices on the Windows Phone 8 platform, bright vivid colors, on the contrary, are a hallmark. This is clearly demonstrated by recent announcements of Nokia and HTC.

Colorful Iphone 5s

Starting with iPhone 3G, which was released in 2008, Apple has released smartphones in black and white casing. And the front panel was originally only black, and the back panel was painted starting with the iPhone 4 in 2010.

iPhone is updated each year. This year the new iPhone 5 was presented in September, last year in October iPhone 4S was introduced. Previous iPhone 4 was introduced in June 2010. With a release to iPhone 4S in one year, the company increased its update cycle. In the coming year, as suggested by Misek, the cycle will be shortened. The analyst does not explain this.

However, the explanation came from another expert, Horace Dediu from the Asymco Company. Referring to the former Apple CEO John Sculle, he writes that Apple is going to move to a new model where the iPhone will be updated more than once a year, but twice. Thus, the analyst says, the company can avoid a situation where buyers are waiting for the update.

“I believe that at present time in the Apple product cycle important changes are happening – said Scully. – Normally the company announces new products every year. Now it’s starting to happen twice a year. I think people underestimate the ability of Apple and how successful the company may be, if it starts to update its line not one but two times each year. “