Beautiful Inspirational Women


These days it is easy to get seduced by the enormous range of products available at beauty counters around the globe. The promises made by the manufacturers often don’t live up to expectations. However, the following people represent products and we buy those products to emulate the stars. Look at the actresses themselves and then you may understand why we must buy that pot of moisturizing lotion!

Jennifer Anniston is a global brand in her own right. She is the face of L’Oreal, as well as Vitamin Water. Jennifer first shot to fame whilst starring in Friends. The TV series was such a huge global hit that Jennifer became instantly bankable as a commercial actress. She has glided into her forties with little trouble. Her skin is beautiful – she has fullness to her cheekbone area, as well as taut skin that maintains her youthful face. It is unlikely that Jennifer has achieved her gorgeous looks without a little cosmetic help. Whether that help has been achieved by invasive or non-invasive means, the results are fabulous. That why she’s worth it!

Victoria Beckham has become a big name in beauty and fashion recently. This overachiever has managed to make running a fledgling business, looking after three active boys, oh yes, and having a fourth child look effortless. It’s all too much for the average woman but super Victoria has what it takes to conquer all. Her one secret to achieving her look: she knows what styles suit her shape and she knows her look inside out. Victoria is petite and so wears fitted dresses. She has made a trademark out of wearing towering heels to the point whereby she make the headlines if she is caught in flats. Her hair has changed more times that a traffic light. However, this is to be admired as she has evolved with her style. So, the lesson learnt from Victoria Beckham is using what you have got wisely and do not be afraid of change.

Eva Longoria has achieved beauty stardom in a similar way to Victoria Beckham. Not traditionally beautiful, yet certainly very pretty, she emphasis’s her positive points with expertise. Her hair is often Big hair and this helps with her diminutive stature. She has a love of the power heel, raising her up to a respectable height. Eva is never seen without an amazing outfit, full make up and coiffed hair. It gives the illusion that she is always so terribly glamorous and well groomed. Although most people do not have the means to employs around the clock stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists, Eva can be seen as inspirational as a girl who uses all the tools available to her to transform herself into a goddess.