7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing used to be a big thing. It used to be a quick, cheap and easy marketing method. Then after years of us receiving spam message after spam message, the US government and European leaders laid down some serious laws about email. The new laws were allied with improved email service technology that allowed people to filter most of their messages into a junk folder and block future communications. The thing is that email is still a very quick, easy and cheap way of spreading a marketing message and should not be brushed off so easily when it comes to online marketing.

Email-Marekting1 – People Use Emails Now More Than Ever

There are now more people on the Internet than ever before, and as the Internet moves into the third world there are more people than ever online. Email is all part of being online. You need it so sign up for almost any online account, and need it to reset passwords online too. The size of an audience should not be the only deciding factor when you are considering your marketing plans, but it should feature in your estimations. For example, if you choose your target audience, it is a safe bet that they have email.

2 – Antivirus/Anti-Malware Has Increased Consumer Confidence

People now feel a lot safer when opening emails because Antivirus/Anti-malware software has increased their confidence. The email service itself will no doubt offer an Antivirus/Anti-malware function. Many email services will “Red flag” any suspicious emails, and will automatically put spam mail in the junk folder.

Computer and mobile device Antivirus/Anti-malware software has also increased people’s confidence in opening their emails. People feel as if they are less likely to gain a new virus or malware because they are protected by their Antivirus/Anti-malware software or app. This means that people are more likely to look an email you send them. People are more likely to open emails from companies they do not know, and from email addresses they do now know.

3 – It is Still a Cheap Way to Market to People

It is not free, as many online articles will state. You need a decent emailing service if you want to market to people via email. You need scheduling tools and tools that are able to send bulk emails through to a mail list without automatically ending up in people’s junk mail folder. You also need to spend time creating your marketing email, and time costs a business. Nevertheless, when compared to traditional advertising, and compared to other forms of online advertising, it is very cheap.

4 – Email Marketing Via an Email Newsletter is Still Effective

Getting people to opt-in to your email newsletter is still effective for a number of reasons. People who agree to a newsletter are less likely to throw away your messages without reading. Your emails do not need to have any form of introduction to your company or products because the recipient already knows you. If you use a double opt-in method where the second opt-in involves clicking an activation link in an email, you will be able to check to see if the email address you receive is real, and you get to stay out of the user’s junk mail box.

5 – You can Use it to Direct People to Landing Pages

The idea that email is a direct selling method is no longer popular. Many companies will use emails to gain more traffic to their websites. Better still, they will use email to direct people to their specific landing pages, where the confirmation to purchase is a lot easier to get. Convincing a person to buy something based upon one email message is very simple. But using an email to start the sales process is still effective. It can be used to direct the user to a landing page that continues and closes the sale.

6 – It is a Fast Dissemination Method

Email marketers need a system of tools that allows them to upload an email list and have a program email each person individually. This cannot be done on a private/personal/free email service, so needs to be done on a commercial one. Even under those circumstances, an email is a very quick means of disseminating information. You may create a new marketing email and have it delivered to your entire mail list by the end of the day. There are few dissemination techniques as quick as that these days.

7 – It is Still More Measurable Than Most Marketing Methods

A good marketing campaign is just as much about research as it is about making an impact on the customer. A business will analyse a campaign after it has run its course to see what went right, what went wrong, and how much money was made or lost as a result. Email marketing is still capable of being the most measurable marketing method online.

An email marketing campaign can be measured by how many people it reached. Even though we cannot be sure how many emails were actually opened, we can be sure how many were sent. This means that you will always have an upper limit as to how many people were contacted. Email marketing can then be measured further with things such as custom promotional codes enclosed within the emails, or custom links and landing pages for each email campaign. By measuring, a company can better analyze its results and see what it needs to improve, and what it needs to scrap during the next campaign.