7 Colocation Secrets Data Centers Don’t Want You To Know


Colocation Services in Austin

Colocation Services in Austin house your data in secure, state of the art facilities. By housing your servers in a data center, your company can expand without increasing overhead cost. Some colocation facilities in Austin have highly trained technicians who keep your equipment running at peak performances. Growing businesses face expansion costs that often hold operations back. By hosting your servers in a colocation facility, you can increase the size of your business while maintaining a set budget.

Benefits of Colocation

Capital Savings

Colocation services in Austin reliably house your business’ data and applications while maintaining minimal expenses. Ongoing capital expenditures decrease a company’s ability to grow, which causes a major distraction to your business. The cost of equipment and space alone can be detrimental to a company’s budget. Colocation centers in Austin invest in top of the line features and offer scalable solutions to accommodate expansion.

Cost Control and Budget Predictability

Most companies must find a way to reduce costs while increasing their bottom line. This is not just an issue for financial departments, but also a problem for IT departments. A lower budget means fewer advancements for the company. By outsourcing these IT needs, you can increase the size of your company. Businesses that use the advanced colocation services in Austin can eliminate the fees of expanding their IT departments. This allows businesses to hire more employees.

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Colocation facilities in Austin provide redundant power, network and cooling capabilities to keep your business running continuously. Dual, concrete encased power feeds, backup generators and multiple Internet connections offer the utmost reliability for data center customers.


Austin’s colocation centers provide carrier-neutral networking so your business can choose from a variety of network providers and get the best price. By using an offsite facility, your company can grow without being limited by available space. You also avoid the expense of continually expanding your in-house data center.


Advanced security measures provide a greater level of safety for your data. Colocation services in Austin offer state of the art security systems that use advanced technologies such as biometric access, better known as fingerprinting.  Austin Colocation facilities require authentication from every person who accesses your data. They also provide 24x7x365 monitoring through closed-circuit television surveillance.


For a business to succeed, it is imperative that they maintain 100% uptime. Colocation providers in Austin provide constant monitoring for all customer equipment. This system notifies technicians of any problems so that they can be serviced immediately. The highly trained staff can then make the changes needed without affecting your operations in any way.

24x7x365 Expert Service

Colocation facilities in Austin provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. These technicians can address problems as they happen. Facilities that offer Virtual hands provide everything from migration and installation to power cycling and hard drive swaps.