6 Inspired Beauty Makeup Style from Your Favorite Celebs

Inspired Beauty Makeup Style
Inspired Beauty Makeup Style

Every woman wants to look attractive. As many of us rush to get ready in the morning, we usually don’t give our mascara or brush a second thought. But in order to make-up was successful, you need to choose the right colors and shades. At correct selection of cosmetics everyone can look like a star, even without spending a lot of money on expensive cosmetics.

The red carpet look might seem effortless, but it takes lots of work to make celebrities look flawless in front of the cameras. However, you don’t need a team of stylists to recreate chic and glamorous makeup looks. Discover the perfect palette for every skin tone, inspired by your favorite celebs!

A-list beauty regimes can cost a very pretty penny. To stay camera-ready, celebrities are willing to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. For example, $100 per nail gold gel manicures, $400 per session for blonde highlights, $740 for Swarovski crystal-encrusted mascara and lipstick set, etc. For makeup, manicure, hairdo, and professional stylist on Oscar night they can pay up to $6000 and even more!

Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out tons of money to pull off gorgeous makeup looks for any occasion. The average woman can own a full set of cosmetics for $50 or less and affordable brands can be just as effective as (or better than) expensive products. For example, many dermatologist-recommended drugstore cleaners and moisturizers are under $10. At the same time, designer eyeliners, mascaras, and lip glosses can cost over 10 times as much as affordable brands, for the same effect!

Beauty Makeup Style

Get the look… for less!

You can highlight the natural features of your skin type with techniques preferred by celebrities, using your favorite everyday cosmetics.

Style 6

If you have very fair skin, red/blonde hair, freckles, and light eyes, take your inspiration from Emma Stone:

Eyes: Let your eyes take center stage, using a bold dark pencil liner and smudging the edges.

Cheeks: A light, pinkish keeps your cheeks fresh.

Lips: Stick to a subtle pink lip color to bring the look together.

Style 5

With fair skin, blonde hair, and green, blue, or hazel eyes, you’ll love Blake Lively’s colorful makeup palette.

Eyes: Be bold! A smoky eye doesn’t have to be grey – try blending blue or green eye shadows for a colorful effect that highlights your eye color.

Cheeks: Rose pink blush is perfect complement to vibrant eye makeup.

Lips: Gloss in a nude or pink shade adds polish to your final look.

Style 4

If you have beige skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, you can pull off a dramatic lip color lire Anne Hathaway:

Eyes: A touch of mascara and highlighting eye shadow will keep your eyes bright.

Cheeks: Use a delicate bronze or peach blush for growing cheeks.

Lips: A deep red, berry (or even purple!) shade of lipstick will draw everyone’s attention.

Style 3

If you have golden or olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, try this glimmering metallic look inspired by Selena Gomez.

Eyes: Choose a bronze eye shadow slightly darker than your eye color, and layer on some mascara (or play with false lashes) for eyes that shine.

Cheeks: A light dusting of peach blush emphasizes your cheekbones.

Lips: Nude lipstick or gloss will keep the focus on your gorgeous eye makeup.

Style 2

If you have bronze or brown skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, Beyonce’s fresh-faced approach to glamour is perfect.

Eyes: Use a warm, brown eye shadow that closely matches your skin tone, with a dark eyeliner on the upper lid.

Cheeks: Blend peach-toned blush into your cheeks for a dewy effect.

Lips: simplicity is key – try a lip tint or lip stain for natural color.

Style 6

With deep brown or ebony skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, you will shimmer in bright hues like Jennifer Hudson.

Eyes: Gold eye shadow paired with lush mascara will make your eyes sparkle.

Cheeks: A light bronzing powder adds a touch of summer to your cheeks.

Lips: Red, red, red! Choose a bold lipstick with lasting color.

Use these tips to great look and sparkle like a star. But don’t forget – the ultimate celebrity secret is “Healthy skin=beauty skin”.

Author bio: Korah Morrison, writer on College-Paper.org that helps students achieve their academic goals.