6 Easy Do-It-Yourself Tips to Clean Your Watch

Clean Your Watch
Clean Your Watch

Between the dishes and the laundry, it’s likely you spend a great deal of time washing things in your home. Just when you realize that the laundry is finally done, there’s not a dirty dish in the house, and the kids are clean, you remember that your watch needs attention.

You can’t ignore the need to clean your watch. When you realize how often you touch it with your dirty hands, how many dirty activities you participate in while wearing your watch, and how infrequently you clean it, it might make you shudder. The following six tips will help you to clean your watch at home without doing any damage to it.

Tips to Clean Your Watch

1.Always remove the band

Even if you have a waterproof watch, it’s a smart idea to remove the band before you begin the cleaning process. This is vital because it makes it easier for you to clean your band thoroughly, and bring back the natural shine that’s so quickly lost in your day-to-day activities.

2.Dish soap works

Since you don’t want to submerge the watch in water, you’ve already removed the band. Now that you’re ready to clean the band, you simply submerge it into a bowl of warm water and dish soap. It’s an effective cleaning method that works well every time.

To help clean the band, a small jewelry brush is necessary. If you don’t have one in your possession, you can use an eyebrow brush or a child’s toothbrush. Just be sure to discard both, or put them away, when your watch is completely scrubbed so you don’t accidentally use them as intended later.

3. Except for leather bands

The only type of watchband you should not submerge into dish soap and water is a leather band. Instead, replace the dish soap with a dash of white vinegar. This will help the band look fresh and new again without damaging the leather or making it look duller than it did previously.

4.Try a quick clean every night

Using a soft cloth or a small brush, clean the band of your watch each night after you take it off. This helps to eliminate the need for more frequent deep cleaning. By doing this, you’ll keep your watch free from germs and looking new for a much longer period of time.

5.Antique watches

When it comes to cleaning antique watches at home, you can use a soft cloth on the watch each night as long as you’re gentle with it and careful not to scratch the face. Otherwise, a deep clean at home is probably not a good idea.

When it comes to antique watches, it’s better to have a reputable jeweler handle the cleaning process so as to ensure that none of your family heirlooms or valuables is damaged in the cleaning process.

Ask your jeweler for tips

Before you clean your watch at home, ask your jeweler for any tips on cleaning it. Depending on the brand and designer, your watch might require a bit of special care that isn’t required for just any watch. While it’s probably fine to wash yours at home without any issue, you should still check with your jeweler for any quick and simple tips.

When it comes to buying a great watch, it’s generally a good idea to purchase a reputable brand. However, if you want to save money on expensive watches, try picking up a gently used and well-taken-care-of timepiece from Watchuwant, a reputable reseller of luxury brand watches.

Since your watch gets dirty every day, cleaning it frequently is a good approach. These simple tips will help you get started with the cleaning process. Your jeweler can offer more suggestions.