50 Shades Casting Rumours: Who Will Be The Leading Lady?


It was the sexy seduction tale that became the fastest selling paperback in history and made one Twilight fan a multimillionaire, so no one was surprised to hear that Fifty Shades of Grey would be turned into a star-studded film. A year on, however, and the main question on everyone’s minds is still which leading lady will take on the role of submissive student Anastasia Steele. Everyone has their own opinions – what is yours?

Rumours about the film have been spreading since last summer, but with director Sam Taylor-Johnson and a release date now confirmed, things are really heating up. Initially insiders were suggesting former Harry Potter star Emma Watson as a serious frontrunner, pointing out that it would definitely give her a clear move into more ‘adult’ roles which is the path she supposedly wanted to take.. Perhaps thankfully for all her pre-teen fans, the actress has firmly denied any association with the film, however the speculation has still not died.

Another contender is Canadian star Nina Dobrev, whose role in The Vampire Diaries as a teenager who falls for a vampire compares easily with the twisted affair between Anastasia and the older, brooding Christian Grey. Also popular with fans are Emmy Rossum, who played an innocent young opera singer under the spell of the menacing phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, as well as Alexis Blede who is best known for playing prim Rory in Gilmore Girls before moving into the more provocative role of prostitute Becky in Sin City. However, while these are only a few of the famous names proposed for the role, it has also been hinted that producers may cast two unknown actors. Everybody has their own ideas and conspiracy theories but who is going to be chosen at the end?

50 Shades Casting RumoursDespite the growing excitement, unfortunately fans will have to wait quite a bit longer to see Ana and Christian on the big screen (and to find out who is going to be cast) since the proposed release date is 1st August 2014. Still, while you’re waiting, you can always re-read the books and shop the Ann Summers collection, for a treat to bring out your own ‘inner goddess’ in excitement for the release of the film. Better still, you can get a TV on Buy Now Pay Later to keep an eye on the entertainment news for details about the film’s future cast and always be up to date so you can find out before your friends! Whichever star you see as Ana, you can be sure that the big screen version of this bestseller will be the hottest ticket at the cinema next year. The next question will obviously be; will the film be as good as the book? Hard to say, and the film certainly does have a tough act to follow, but there have been instances in the past where the film beats the book! We’ll just have to wait and see.