5 Ways to Determine Which Career Path You Want to Pursue in College


Attending college is a time to expand your horizons, meet new people and get a feel for independence. It is also a time to prepare yourself for a future career, so the classes you take are incredibly important. Before you register for your first classes, you should sit down and think about what major you plan to pursue while in college. The major you choose should line up with your career goals for the future. Here are five ways to determine what college major is best for you.

1. Consider Your Individual Skills and Abilities

Each individual has distinct skills and talents that they can contribute to their future careers and job choices. Think carefully about what your personal skills are. Some people may be quick thinkers while other might be great communicators. If you have trouble thinking about your individual talents, ask a friend, a parent or a teacher to point out the areas in which you are strongest.

2. Think About What Careers You Find Most Interesting

Although you may be a whiz when it comes to math and science, it may not be those subjects which necessarily hold your interest. Take a look at a long list of potential careers and write down which you think would be most interesting over the long term. If you know someone who holds one of these positions, ask them about the highlights of the career and what major is needed to prepare for it.

3. Determine How Long You Are Willing to Be in Higher Education

Although you might think that being a surgeon is the perfect career, going to college and later medical school might seem impossible. Research how much higher education and qualifications are required for certain careers in order to determine if it is the right pick for you. Many careers require only an associate or a bachelor’s degree, but some also require a master’s degree or even a doctorate.

4. Research Employment Trends and Career Growth

In a perfect world, everyone could pursue the jobs that interested them. Unfortunately, however, not all jobs have endless demands for new graduates. If you have narrowed down your potential career choices to a select few, it is now time to research the future of each of these careers. Visit the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out which careers are forecast to grow and which are not.

5. Ask Yourself What Your Financial Goals Are

Some people are motivated financially, and for those individuals it is important to think about that an early stage. While you might find teaching elementary school students interesting, it may not provide you with the lifestyle you imagine. Keep the average salaries and financial statistics in mind when choosing a major as well as a future career path for yourself.

Choosing a college major is about more than just which classes you will take. It is the way you will prepare for a future career. Pick out the subjects in which you will naturally excel and be most interested in.