5 Steps to Improved Office Etiquette


The average office can be stressful and irritating, and the last thing you want to do is contribute to that as a member of the office team. We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to office etiquette so that you can ensure that you are part of the stress free, likable side of your work environment:

1. Reduce background noise

The wheels of a chair squeaking, distant conversations and footsteps down the corridor all seem like trivial things to worry about. Sadly, little factors are very distracting, and it’s easy to commit to them without being conscious of how annoyed those around you are becoming. Fortunately, it’s easy to cut down on noise by simply thinking about what you do. Plan your walks in advance, try to be as still at your desk as possible and speak only when it is required.

2. Respect your co-worker’s space

It sounds like something that everybody should already be aware of, but a lot of people simply aren’t. How many instances can you think of where a person has gotten in the way of somebody else by penetrating their personal space, without an invitation or without saying ‘hello?’ These are manners that we discovered whilst we were growing up, and we must hold on to them dearly. All you have to do is remember to use them in the right places.


3. Be honest

It is not uncommon for an associate to approach you with a problem, and because you are polite, you listen to them and show your understanding of what they’re saying by making noises such as ‘um’ and ‘yeah, yeah’. You shouldn’t do this because these sounds suggest that you don’t actually care about what they have to say. There might not be anything wrong with not caring, but it is wrong to lie to somebody’s face. If you don’t know what they are talking about, tell them and if it is possible, guide them to somebody that will be able to help them.

4. Keep your workstation tidy

Having separate piles for different types of documents does not sound like an important thing to have, but it is easy to lose essential manuscripts by just putting them on your desk and walking away. An untidy desk could mean wasting other people’s time, as well as your own. Keeping it free of clutter will help you get on with the day much faster and maintain a reputation for good organisation.

5. ALWAYS ignore your mobile phone in meetings

These days, putting our mobile phones on silent doesn’t do enough to keep the distractions at bay. In an ideal universe everybody would turn them off before going into an important meeting, but many people decide to keep the vibrate setting on and look at it whenever it shakes. Turn this off and put it in your pocket – if it’s on the table you’ll see when it goes off. Retain your commitment and focus by showing that it is not disrupting you.

Working in an office with modular systems need not be a drag if you and your colleagues follow these simple rules to office etiquette. Have you got any additional tips? Add them in below.