4 iPhone Apps for Fashionable Shoppers Like You

ashionable Shoppers
ashionable Shoppers

Shopping is an activity that many women — and men — enjoy. It’s a relaxing experience that allows you to fulfil your retail therapy needs, get some good walking exercise, and transform yourself into the chic, fashionable person you want to be.

What makes shopping even more fun these days is technology. No longer do you have to make long car trips to shop in a department store that’s nowhere near your home; you can shop online. Online shopping and technology have improved life dramatically for iPhone users.

Stylebook app

1. Stylebook app

With the stylebook app, you can organize your closet by downloading every piece of clothing and accessories you own. Your app will show you photos, allow you to create outfits, and even let you document when and where you wore specific items of clothing on a personalized calendar.

This app helps with shopping because it gives you direct access to what you need, what you don’t have, and what’s missing for the perfect outfit.

2. Who What Wear app

Now you can see who wore what and where she wore it. This is the best iPhone app on the market for fashionable women looking for clothing inspiration. Use this when you’re shopping and feel stuck looking for the perfect accessories for the outfit you’ve been dying to wear.

3. Lucky at Your Service app

This free app can find what you’re looking for, tell you where to find it near your home, provide you with GPS directions, and even call the store on your behalf to request the size, color, and quantity you want to reserve for same-day pick-up.

4. Ask a Stylist

This app was designed by Glamour magazine to provide you with real lifestyle advice from professional stylists. You can use your iPhone to take a photo of a clothing item, shoe, or accessory and include the question you have about it to get an answer from a real stylist in minutes.


Forlocations is a great resource for fashionable shoppers looking for the best shopping in San Francisco. This site allows you to search for the stores you want and obtain all their contact information. There’s no reason you have to wonder if this city is home to your favorite shops when you’re here.

Shopping today isn’t what it was in the past. Today, fashionable men and women want to make sure they look their best no matter what. This is where technology comes into play. It’s easy to look chic and sophisticated with the assistance of these iPhone apps.