3 Steps to Give Your Wardrobe a Stylish Lift


Have you ever opened your closet only to realize you have a lot more clothes than you thought? If you’re a chick who craves the latest styles, you’re probably more concerned about whether an outfit looks good on you rather than the amount of space available in your closet. If that’s the case, then you probably have lots of clothing tucked away in your closet that you don’t wear and probably don’t remember.

But, who wants to spend the time digging through piles of old clothing? While it can be time-consuming, it can also be fun. If you have an eye for fashion and a crammed closet, give your closet that long overdue fashion lift it has been yearning for by following these three steps:


  1. Invade your closet
    Start your wardrobe-cleaning frenzy by taking clothing out of your closet and sorting it according to what no longer fits, clothing that is damaged, clothing you want to keep, and what you may keep. Any clothing that that doesn’t fit you can give to charity or pass along to a younger sibling. If you find clothing with stains, before you decide to throw it away, you may want to keep it for future messy projects such as painting a room. Any clothing that can’t be salvaged you can toss.
  2. Have a fashion shoot
    Now the fun part begins. Once you clear your closet of clothing you no longer want or need, have a fashion shoot in front of your mirror with the clothing you choose to keep or possibly keep. This way you can see how the clothing really looks on you and make the final call on whether or not to keep it. Also, this allows you to mix and match your clothing to create stylish outfits. You may come to find that those dark purple heels you randomly purchased complement your dark blue straight leg jeans and black ruffle top.
  3. Leave your jewellery hanging
    You already invaded your closet and sorted through your clothing and shoes – now what? While shirt, pants and shoes may be important, jewellery can surely add a spark to your wardrobe. Like you did with your clothing, sort through your jewellery and determine what you want to keep and what you no longer wear. Also, if you’re like most and keep your jewellery hanging in a box, why not leave it hanging on a small coat rack? This way you can see the jewellery options you have to complement your wardrobe, especially if you have a variety of wholesale jewellery.


 Don’t leave your clothing crammed and forgotten in your closet. Make your way through your closet and give your wardrobe a tune up.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer with an interest in writing about fashion and design. Follow her @JillianLJ87.