10 Unique Ways To Propose To Your Partner


Popping the question can be the most daunting test of your life. Will your partner say yes or no? Most of us probably know already, and the more you know, the more outlandish you can be with your proposal. Listed below are some of the most unique ways to propose, this way your partner will never forget the time they said yes.

Unique Ways To Propose To Your Partner

1. Find out which local newspaper your partner reads daily, and take a full-page advert out in that paper asking them to marry you.

2. Go and get your picture done by a street caricaturist. Secretly tell the person to slyly draw a picture of both of you with speech bubbles. Yours can read, ‘will you marry me?’ your partner’s can say ‘yes’.

3. Take a trip to your local aquarium and strike a deal with some divers. They can hold up signs in the water which ask your partner to marry you. Just make sure you and your partner are looking the right way.

4. If you are on a plane you should seek the opportunity to talk on the telecom. Make sure your partner is seated before you proceed to propose to them whilst the plane is in flight.

5. Have a party at your house with family and friends. Make t-shirts with every individual letter of ‘will you marry me,’ and get members of your family and friends to wear the t-shirts.

6. Surprise your partner by putting their engagement ring in their jewellery box before you go to bed. When they wake up they will realise what you have done and hopefully say yes.

7. Carefully slip the ring on your partner’s finger while they’re asleep and wait for their shock and jubilation in the morning when they get up.

8. Upload a video of you proposing to the internet via Facebook or YouTube, and wait for them to find it out, or alternatively you can tell them to view a funny video online.

9. Create your own fortune cookie, and when you go to your favourite Chinese restaurant, tell the waiter/waitress to bring it over at the end of the meal.

10. Conspire with one of your partner’s work colleagues to let you into their office and write a sign for them to read while they are at work. You should hide away until they come back and await their reaction.

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