10 Twitter Tips That You Can Apply Immediately For Your Business


Is your company a part of the “Twitter sphere” or do you just keep track of other companies and their progress in this social domain? Whatever you do, Twitter is a very effective medium to get online to get in touch with potential customers and show them your expertise.

But how do you really mint success with Twitter? Here are some of the best tips

1. Follow the right people.

Follow people linked to your business or profession so that they can mingle in the conversation. This makes an effective online network.

2. Ensure credibility.

It must be very tempting to just have your own content on Twitter for promotion, but that is not the correct thing to do. Increase your credibility by providing valuable content to share with your followers. Publish blog articles, news and links to interesting websites that are not associated with your company.

3. Use a unique perspective.

For success on Twitter, you should have great ideas. You’ve no doubt that your opinions are solid and innovative but they should be better than the others. Such ideas can make your tweets a lot more interesting when they are articulated in a thoughtful manner.

4. Establish your presence.

What type of followers will you prefer? Is it that of a brand or a person? Marketers are more inclined towards ‘brand engagement’, but in practice it appears that many people do not want to come into contact with a brand, but a person. Therefore, make your Twitter account a face. For example engage a specific employee from your company or publish funny tweet content (such as pictures) showing that your company exists with real people. There are lots of methods to add a personal touch to your Twitter profile.

5. Listen.

There are many ways to keep an eye on what people say about you online. But unlike large companies, it is unlikely that there will be something about you every day. Although it is good to listen and be alert to those few tweets about your company. Keep records of such tweets so that you are aware of your loop holes.

6. Sell, just in the right way.

Social networks like Twitter are sometimes used as spam. But there is also a legitimate way to get your product sold through social media. There’s nothing wrong if you discover potential clients and make them aware of what you have to offer. If you are selling ERP software and a Twitter user sets just a question about ERP software, please feel free to answer that question, introduce yourself and engage them in conversation. Try not to force a sale, but share your knowledge in a casual way.

7. Buy no followers.

Some users on social media make it a sport to have many followers. Of course it is nice to have an audience but quality is much more important. When you buy Twitter followers cheap, this is often not the case.  It is better to have fewer followers who are truly interested in your company, than many followers who are not.


8. Dress to impress.

By default, a Twitter profile is just like other profiles that are created. But your profile should match the style of your business, just like your website? Obviously you cannot change everything, but of course you can change your profile picture and profile background.

9. Be careful with whom you share the responsibility.

Starting with Twitter can be quite overwhelming. Maintaining social media account is therefore soon left to a young employee who is already familiar. That does not mean that they know how to maintain a business account over Twitter. The personal use of social media is in fact different from the business use.

10. Think carefully before you enter.

If you actually planning to establish yourself over tweeter, then go for 100% efforts and make the best impact. It’s not a good idea to excitedly start and then stop suddenly, especially if your Twitter profile is a part of search engine results. It is smart to keep tweeting. An abandoned Twitter profile is a bad signal.