10 Outside the Box Home Businesses

Home Businesses
Home Businesses

In today’s economy there is no end to the creativity that the entrepreneurial spirit finds to try to make a living. Ranging from expanding fields to quirky to innovative, these are 10 ideas that have gotten attention. These jobs typically have minimal or no certification or license requirements and depend on word of mouth and referrals to grow.

Dog Walkers

Outside the Box Home Businesses Though far from a new idea, dog walkers used to be reserved for either the rich or the city dwellers with no yards. With an aging population that still wants to care for their beloved animals and a lot of unemployed people this is becoming available in all areas.

Home Tutors

Home-Tutors A large number of highly educated but unemployed engineers and professional people have found lucrative supplemental business opportunities helping students in the ultra-competitive academic fields. Loose regulation of requirements and certifications make this a buyer beware field at the same time as offering a true service if you find the right one.

Pet Groomers

Pet Groomers Small home shops that require little capital or investment to start up, animal groomers help groom and care for pets at prices far lower than a veterinarian for clipping nails as cleaning teeth in addition to the standard shampoo and cuts.

Activity Companions

Not an euphemism for the “professional escort”, these completely above the board entrepreneurs accompany elderly to assist them in activities they enjoy ranging from shopping to walks primarily geared towards the elderly or infirm to keep them more active in life.

Home Psychics

Whether setting up their own small home business or working on contract for larger companies like   www.kooma.co.uk by phone or appointment, there always seem to be customers for those that gain a word of mouth following for everything from crystal balls to tarot cards.

Lunch Caterer

Thousands of stay at home wives have found additional income after gaining a reputation for quality lunches made and delivered to individuals in local businesses.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper While the offers for employment as secret shoppers and personal shoppers that litter your spam box have little value, private individuals working on their own often are able to do well for themselves once word gets around of their innovative ideas and budget wise prowess in finding the perfect gifts.

Party Planner

Party Planner Not just for weddings and grand gatherings, they offer skills and experience with planning everything from birthday parties to family reunions and find opportunities with busy 2 worker families or coordinating a larger get together in popular destinations where they reside using their insider knowledge of an area.

EBay Consignment Seller

Instead of the typical route of selling their own wares at online auction sites and second hand outlets like EBay, they simply do the photos, listing, and shipping of the goods others bring to them for a commission or flat fee when the item sells. Their expertise and feedback ratings garner higher selling prices while they incur no need to procure their own inventory of goods.

Scholarship Researcher

They do the research and find scholarship applications for the college bound by using books and databases of the millions of available private and charitable scholarships that often go unclaimed simply for lack of applications and work on a set fee or per qualified application basis.