10 of the Most Popular Brand’Luxury s’ in the World


 Everything is a luxury in a sense, but not everything is equal. In a very subjective issue like determining what are popular, opinions often clash. Still we need to arrive at a consensus, and get going, and that is possible only when opinions can be depicted mathematically in an impeccable way. One of the ways in which brands can be evaluated is by calculating its sale value in the market, though a very hypothetical proposition in itself. Some of the common methods that appraisers deploy for evaluating a brand’s popularity are to go by the brand owner’s financial performance, how these brands alter the buying decisions of consumers and finally the overall strength.

Brands’ popularity keeps shifting constantly. What is popular today may lose it sheen tomorrow and that is the only constant. Here are the 10 most popular brands of the world and don’t be surprised if you don’t see some of your own favorite. Perceptions can vary vastly between individuals. There is really no fail-proof way for ranking popularity.

Top 10 Most Popular Luxury Brands

  1. Louis Vuitton has been adjudged the world’s top most and popular brand. Their principal products include laminated canvas bags. In the year 2012 the brand’s value was placed at close to $26 billion, that is, a 7% increase in value over the year 2011. Louis has been retaining this position for 7 years in a row, and that itself is record of sort.
  2. Prada is yet another popular brand that still captivates consumers in a big way. The popularity of the brand can be judged from the fact that it holds the reputation for making the biggest ever initial public issue for share in the Hong Kong share market. It holds the sixth most valuable rank at $5.7 billion. Prada intends to add 80 more stores throughout the world in the next three years. Most stores will be owned by the Prada Company itself in keeping with its philosophy of having tighter control over its operations worldwide.
  3. Cartier is another brand, mostly into jewelry and watches that has retained its popularity for over a century. More than the quality, the Cartier brand is about giving a sense of satisfaction. Cartier is currently valued at $4.22 billion. Cartier is owned by CieFinanciereRichemont SA, and has its head quarters in Geneva.
  4. Hermes Paris is yet another popular brand when it comes to women wear, leather, jewelry, watches, and fragrances. Amongst their popular products are Cape Cod ranges of watches made from the best of materials and workmanship. The brand has been in existence from time immemorial and even today you see people yearning for Hermes products. Hermes brand is currently valued at over $19 billion.
  5. Think about luxury watches and the first name to strike your mind will be Rolex. Rolex Watches have been in popularity for so long that luxury and quality are synonymous with the brand name itself. Rolex is also sold under the Tudor brand. Rolex was founded in London by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis. Presently the company operates from Switzerland.  Rolex’s popularity incidentally has never been challenged even during the modern times. Rolex brand value is currently $7.17 billion, a 36% increase over 2011.
  6. When it comes to exotic leather footwear and high fashion you can never miss the Gucci brand. Though thought to be expensive, Gucci is popular amongst a wide spectrum of consumers. The Gucci brand did see a slide in brand value from its previous high in 2011 but then its popularity has never been challenged. The present value of the brand is $6.5 billion.
  7. When it comes to drinks and more particularly cognac, the Hennessy brand cannot be missed by anyone who has the taste for the finest of spirits. In fact, Hennessy produces 40% of all cognac sold around the world. Jas Hennessy & Co who owns the Hennessy brand is currently valued at $4.66 billion. The company was founded by an Irishman named Richard Hennessy in 1765. Hennessy has since acquired Moet etChandon and is currently called Moet Hennessy.
  8. Another brand that is very popular for fashion, fragrance and accessories is Burberry. The best of Burberry is the trench coat designed by its founder. Burberry stores can be found almost all over the world. In addition to owned stores, Burberry also sells through franchisees and third party stores. Though Burberry ranks 98 in value, it is far ahead in terms of popularity. The present value of the brand is $4.09 billion.
  9. Chanel, also known as the House of Channel is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fragrances and high fashion. Ready to wear collections is what makes it so popular. Haute Couture, luxury goods and accessories are the products that are immensely related to the Chanel Brand and gives value. The Chanel brand is currently valued at $ 6.7 billion.

Of all perhaps the most valuable brand is Coca Cola, the soft drink king of the world. It needs little introduction. Whether it is popularity or brand value measured in billions of dollars, they come out in flying colors.