10 Oddest Addictions

Oddest Addictions
Oddest Addictions

It is common to hear about addictions like alcoholism and drug abuse, but there is a world full of addictions that are just as persistent and damaging. They are typically unheard of.

1. A fair number, nearly a tenth of all Americans, are thought to be addicted to shopping in some form. Compulsive shopping can result in bankruptcy, loss of family and loss of home. These addicts feel a strong sense of euphoria while shopping.

2. It feels great to lie on the beach under the sun, but some people take this too far. Tanning addiction is real, and some people take it to the extreme of visiting tanning beds every single day.

3. There is a man in Sweden who has been diagnosed as addicted to heavy metal music. Music can induce a sense of euphoria, creating an intense addiction in some individuals.

4. Plenty of parents have been heard telling their children to lay off the video games, but in some cases people have died of exhaustion from playing these games. Computer and console video games are a common addiction for those of all ages.

5. Pagophagia, also known as chewing ice, is an addiction that can lead to dental injuries.

6. Sex addiction is a serious problem that can lead to disease, pregnancy, unemployment, and burned relationships. In recent years, many celebrities have claimed this destructive addiction.

7. Geophagy, known as eating dirt or mud, is an addiction that is often found in pregnant women. Dirt actually contains minerals that the body absorbs.

8. Some people are addicted to keeping things, including trash. Known as hoarding, this addiction often involves people who see value in every single item. They might keep cartons from food items around the house. Many of these people might have accumulated so many items that it causes injury or structural damage.

9. Gambling can be fun but it does get out of hand for some people. It is certainly not profitable for the majority of people who do it, and some addicts end up losing everything.

10. The Internet is another addiction, though it is becoming increasingly common in recent years. Internet Addiction Disorder is a real condition that can interfere with daily life, ending employment and personal relationships.

Many of these addictions might be the butt of jokes, but they are all quite real. These addictions are unhealthy and might have serious consequences later down the road. For help you can discover more here.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard wrote this with Stanley Martinson. Annette is a freelance writer that usually writes about health issues.