10 Indications That You Are a Geek

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Geeks are fun and quirky, and everyone loves them. At times they can come on a little strong with their obsessions with science fiction and books, but geeks know exactly how to have fun.

The thing is, some people are actually unaware they are geeks. All of a sudden you may catch yourself making a connection with certain people that you know to be geeks. You stop and think for a moment, then realize that you too could be just like them!

Here are ten ways to tell if you are really a geek.


1. Cosplay

If you play or have ever engaged in Cosplay, then you definitely may be a geek. Geeks love to dress up like the characters that they love so much. Sometimes geeks even dress in character when attending movie premieres.

2. Action figures

Yes, if you own more than two action figures, then you probably are a geek. Geeks generally love Marvel and DC Universe characters, especially Batman and Spider-Man. Watch out: If you have a special room just for your action figures, then you are geek supreme.

3. “Get over here!”

If you recognize this phrase, then you are surely a geek. This indicates you have played Mortal Kombat before, and this is exactly one of the things that geeks do. Video games are top priority to the geek community. Most of them own more than one console as well.

4. Comic Con

If you attended a comic convention, had your picture taken with celebrities, and waited in line for hours for an autograph, then you just might be a geek. No wait: you are definitely a geek!

5. The Mario Tune

If you can hum this tune, and I mean the whole song, then you are most definitely a geek. If there is one sure thing geeks love, it’s Mario games and maybe even wearing a Mario costume during Cosplay.

6. Comic books

If you own more than five comic books and grow angry when anyone touches them, then geek you are, and geek you shall remain!

7. Dungeons & Dragons

Years ago, there were comic book shops that hosted Dungeons & Dragons games after the business was closed. To them it was a super-secret game that only the special geeks were invited to play. Often the geeks would whisper to others about the upcoming games. Yeah, it was just that serious. If you understand this, then you are a geek for sure.

8. Geeky ringtones

If the Star Trek or Star Wars theme is your ringtone, then you might just be a geek. On the other hand, you might just like the tune. Nah, you’re a geek.

9. J.R.R. Tolkein and Isaac Asimov

If you own more than one book by these authors then you are on the geek road, in the geek ballroom; face it, you are a geek extraordinaire. If you own a whole bookshelf dedicated to these guys, then you were born and you shall die a geek.

10. V or Battlestar Galactica

If you own one of these movies, then there’s a strong chance that you are a geek. The thing is, geeks love science fiction and they’re pretty keen on aliens as well. Both of these series showcase the best of both.

It isn’t hard to figure out if you are a geek; you don’t have to fit in with all these indicators. If you can relate to only a couple of these characteristics, then it’s pretty clear that you are a geek. Enjoy and always be yourself.

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