10 Best Personal Hygiene Gifts

Personal Hygiene Gifts
Personal Hygiene Gifts

Gifts should be romantic, personal, thoughtful … and promote good personal hygiene? These types of gifts have been popular seemingly forever, thanks to those epic gift baskets at places like Bath and Body.

People seem to like to smell good, look good, and feel good, but they don’t always want to spend a lot of their own cash doing it. In steps the no-fail personal hygiene gift.

The next time you need to buy a gift, whether it’s for your sweetheart’s birthday or your BFF’s breakup extravaganza, head to the hygiene aisle. You’ll get a foolproof gift that’s cheaper than jewelry and not nearly as fattening as chocolate.

Here are the top ten “PH” gift ideas to get you started.Personal Hygiene Gifts

1. Soaps, all kinds of soaps

Decorative soap, organic soap, handmade soap, delicious smelling soap … there’s no end to the types of soap available.

And everyone uses it. Everyone needs it. There’s no way this gift can go wrong. Plus, you can spend as much or as little on soap as you’d like.

2. Lotion

Nipping on the heels of soap is the obligatory lotion. Women adore it and it’s a secret guilty pleasure for many men. You can opt for some Kiehl’s if you know the recipient well, or just pick up a gift basket of yummy (or weird)-smelling samples if you’re not too sure.

3. Spa gift certificate

Everyone like to be pampered. A massage, haircut, mani/pedi, wax, you name it. This is definitely one of the higher-end personal hygiene gifts, but you can give it with another motive: What if you treat your BFF for a day at the spa for both of you? Guilt-free self pampering awaits.

4. Shaving gadgets

Pick up some of The Art of Shaving razors for the special man in your life, and he’ll feel just like Don Draper. Every man shaves, but they’re usually not too keen on picking up top-of-the-line supplies. You’ll take care of a task for him and make him feel more manly, all in one simple gift.

5. Teeth-whitening kits

This is a gift you can only give to someone close to you, but it should be well received. Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Who doesn’t want to have someone else foot the bill for it?

This takes care of both, and you’ll really be giving them something to smile about.

6. Makeup sampler

Whether you (or the recipient) favors Mac, Clinique, or another brand, a sampler is a great gift that encourages experimentation. Everyone can use a new lipstick color or eye shadow.

Plus, these kits come in different sizes and price ranges. You’re sure to find something that fits in your budget.

7. A good toothbrush

Something like a Sonic electronic toothbrush, highly recommended by dentists, is actually a pretty great gift. It’s a little pricy — around $100 — but it does wonders.

The best way to give this gift is if you’re in a relationship and asking your other half officially to move in: a toothbrush along with the spare key seals the deal.

8. Ear candle

This one is a little odd, but it’s addictive. Great for your kooky (or crunchy granola) friend, it’s a cheap gift that can’t be beat. Of course, it’s only suitable for a stocking stuffer for the big holidays, but it’s something everyone should try once.

9. Nail kit

How many times have you seen friends with those cheap $2 nail clippers and files that are falling apart? Spring for a quality nail kit, and your pal will have some great looking digits in no time. Include your favorite polish color for a personal touch.

10. Tweezerman tweezer

Once you go to Tweezerman, you never come back. It’s a phenomenal tool. Your friend may not truly thank you until after he or she has used it … but once he or she has, that person will be forever in your debt.